Physician Recognition Corner

Thank you to all our physicians who continue to provide outstanding care! Our patients appreciate all you do. Here are a few comments we have gathered from the CAHPS comments reports and the feedback cards:

  • Dr. Christine Perry "“ Excellent.
  • My experience with Dr. Sara Ornazian D.O. was very soothing and calming. She really made you feel welcome. Sick or not, wished Dr. Ornazian had her own practice. Would be a patient in a heartbeat.
  • Dr. St. Hilaire is wonderful "“ his manner with patients, knowledge and handling of a range questions, plus his surgical technique and follow-up. I would highly recommend him and the minimally invasive approaches he uses.
  • Dr. Melissa Richardson was very good.
  • Dr. Noud came in and went over everything that would happen while I was in surgery and I was left feeling totally at ease with everything and not at all apprehensive about my surgery. I trust him totally!
  • I want to thank Dr. Weber for doing the ultrasound. Dr. Weber is a wonderful doctor.
  • Dr. Wood was great! She took time to explain, without any rushy rush.
  • Dr. Taunt's surgery was excellent.
  • Dr. P. Le was perfect.
  • Dr. Taunt's resident had an excellent bedside manner.
  • Dr. Weber was very attentive, efficient, and caring in a timely manner for my many needs. She was instructive according to my meds and after care!
  • From the visit with Dr. Mesko, we were informed and given all sorts of options for further information. Dr. Mesko and nurses answered any and all questions.
  • Dr. Detrisac and his staff are fantastic.
  • Dr. Mesko is amazing and hospital staff was friendly and helpful.

In addition to the positive comments we received on above, Hospital leadership received the following letter from Cathy Edick, Pharmacy Program Coordinator at McLaren Greater Lansing, praising Dr. Bohrer: 

Too often I feel like I am always saying things that have gone wrong but I witnessed something today that I believe should be recognized. I thanked Dr. Bohrer directly but I wanted it to go higher.

There was a patient that I was in their room trying to clarify a few medications. While doing so, Dr. Bohrer came back in to see the patient (so I stopped as I usually do). I stayed in the room as I wanted to give the patient some medication cards when Dr. Bohrer was finished.

After Dr. Bohrer left I finished speaking with the patient but you could tell she had become very anxious after he left and she started to cry. She had multiple things going on (lack of sleep, anxiety, etc) and she felt like she just didn't know why she came in because "things couldn't be fixed". I tried to calm her down and said I would speak with the provider. Dr. Bohrer was, as always, very approachable. We talked a little about some med issues and her anxiety and after reviewing a few things he said, "well let's go talk to her".

Honestly it was how I think a physician, or provider in general, is supposed to be...he was kind, caring and tried to reassure the patient. He showed compassion and gave her some options of things she could try to do and what to speak with her primary care provider about.

Not only was he a team player by saying let's go talk to her, but he also was someone McLaren should be proud to have as a provider. I know we all have a lot on our plate and most of the other providers would have just said that they did what they could do and not gone back into the room. 

Just wanted to let you know so he could be recognized in some way for his awesome service!!!! 

Have a great week!