Protection from common summer traumas

kid on bike

Dr. Mandip Atwal has always said that it doesn't take much.

The rush of warm, seasonal weather sending more and more people outside for fun and physical activities also unfortunately sends more people seeking out their nearest emergency department after sustaining various injuries.

Dr. Mandip Atwal

"It only takes a second," said Dr. Atwal, surgeon and trauma medical director with McLaren Macomb, "and many of these injuries can have serious and life-long consequences. My colleagues and I strongly stress everyone take preventative steps, some as simple as being more aware of your surroundings, to ensure their personal safety."

As Macomb County's first verified Level II trauma center, McLaren Macomb's emergency department receives a steady amount of patients throughout the summer who have sustained such injuries, ranging from simple sprains and broken bones to serious spinal and multi-system injuries, including brain bleeds and multiple broken bones.

Some of the most common cases are vehicle-related, whether it be motor vehicle accidents, injured motorcyclists with or without a helmet or pedestrian injuries (those who have been hit by a vehicle, either by a distracted driver or while they were walking distracted).

With McLaren Macomb's proximity to Lake St. Clair, many patients present with injuries from boating accidents and diving into shallow, murky water and drowning. Also sustained in pools, diving injuries can potentially lead to paralysis, even death.

"Summer is a beautiful time to be outside," Dr. Atwal said, "and we would all hate for that time to turn into a nightmare. Simple precautions can be taken to help avoid such injuries."

Such precautions are wearing a seat belt, helmet or life jacket, stopping the practice of walking or driving distracted, installing gates and locking mechanisms around pools and wearing protective padding during strenuous physical activities.

"We would never want to limit our enjoyment during these beautiful months," Dr. Atwal said. "Accidents will happen, but taking precautions can keep those incidents from becoming catastrophic, keeping everyone safe."

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