Single Hospitalist Service Led by Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA)

McLaren Greater Lansing has switched to a single hospitalist service led by the former D-service hospitalist group which has been rebranded to McLaren Greater Lansing Hospitalist Group, to care for patients admitted to our hospital. 

Consolidating the care of our inpatients under one group will have numerous benefits including more coordinated care and consistency of practice, additional emphasis on quality outcomes and quality improvement initiatives, better coordination with outpatient physicians referring to McLaren, and an enhanced patient experience.

Additionally, a single hospitalist service will be able to have the greatest impact on McLaren's High Value Care initiative, which aims to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary testing on our patients.

Our current intensivist service in the Intensive Care Unit will remain unchanged.

The hospitalist service operations will report to Casey Kandow, Chief Operating Officer. This reporting structure will help integrate the hospitalist service with other departments. The new structure will continue to align our efforts to improve quality and reduce costs throughout the hospital. 

We want to thank the providers and staff of Degara/APP for their service to our patients and community. We are confident our two existing hospitalist provider groups will work together to ensure a seamless transition of care for McLaren patients.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your commitment to providing exceptional care to Every Patient, Every Time!