Thankful patients: Sharing their stories

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McLaren Macomb physicians are motivated to seeing their patients through their treatment and onto a healthy outcome.

Several patients expressed thanks for the care they received for their various health issues in this issue of Macomb Health & Life. Now read their stories here.

When William wife Anita called, he knew what it was all about.

Dr. Tammy West, William's family physician, phoned with the results of his recent blood work. And the diagnosis didn't come as a shock to him. He has type 2 diabetes.

"It runs in the family. My father was type 2 so when Anita called I wasn't very surprised," William said. "But I still had to wrap my mind around it for about a month. It was a wake-up call."

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It was the little things that were really starting to get to Mary.

Describing herself as morbidly obese since the age of 10, 48-year old Mary McInnes had lived with sleep apnea, shortness of breath and fatigue for years. But the "little things" of shopping in stores or walking up the stairs without spilling a cup of coffee was a life Mary never knew.

This was a sentiment shared with her husband, Damon, 53, also obese, who had to ask himself, "Can I do this as a heavy person?" when trying any new activity. At their heaviest, Damon reached 433 pounds, Mary at 463.

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Dr. Aniel Majjhoo, an interventional neurologist with McLaren Macomb, was reviewing the diagnostic images of his new patient.

A month before, 25-year old Roseville resident Jessica was in a car accident, hit by another driver. Since that night, she had been experiencing painful headaches. She was referred by her McLaren family physician Dr. Gail MacIntyre to Dr. Majjhoo, also the medical director of the Neurosciences Institute at McLaren Macomb.

Her MRI confirmed an aneurysm had been growing (and would continue to grow) in her brain.

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The availability of classes and books can help a mother-to-be get ready for their new arrival, but there is still a lot to be gained from the experiences of those who have gone through a pregnancy (and are going through one again!).

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