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Employee Suggestion

Employee Suggestion Program

What is ESP?

The Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) is a program that provides employees with an opportunity to be rewarded for innovative and creative ideas for improving McLaren Port Huron.

Who can participate?

All employees, volunteers, and the medical staff are eligible. If your position requires you to find cost reductions/revenue enhancements as part of your normal duties (ie: Purchasing, Revenue Cycle Management), then only those suggestions outside the scope of your responsibilities will be eligible.

How do I submit a suggestion?

Go to the McLaren Port Huron website under the "For Employees" section. Read the eligibility requirements, complete the Employee Suggestion Submittal Form, and return to ESP Coordinator Jim Lotts (x3751) Finance.

Whom may I contact for questions about the program?

You may contact your ESP Coordinator for questions regarding the program.

Eligibility Requirements

Suggestions are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • Propose practical improvements.
  • Are submitted in a timely manner.
  • States specifically what the improvement is and how it can be made
  • Are submitted by:
    • an individual employee.
    • a group of employees submitting the same suggestion using the same form. (The names of all employees should be attached to the form).

Suggestions are NOT eligible if they:

  • Are within the employee's authority or responsibility to implement.
  • Concern matters already under consideration.
  • Concern personal grievances or complaints.
  • Concern policies or procedures that are not being followed or implemented properly.

Employee Suggestion Program Information about Submissions

  • Suggestions remain valid for one year from the submission date. If the original suggestor wishes to retain the rights after this period, the suggestion must be resubmitted.
  • Suggestions include ideas for Cost Savings, Revenue Enhancements, or Intangible improvements (neither Cost Savings nor Revenue Enhancements).
  • Although awards are subject to federal, state, and local taxes the distributed value will reflect the Award Value posted below.
  • Decisions made by the Employee Suggestion Program are final. However, if new or additional information is presented, a decision may be further reviewed.
  • Awards for Cost Savings, Revenue Enhancements, or Intangible Improvements will be either one time amounts or annualized for one year to determine total dollar value.
  • Additional consideration will be given for suggestions that have a multi-year span.
  • A quarterly drawing will be held for all eligible entries.
    An annual Grand Prize drawing will be held for all eligible entries. Quarterly drawing winners will be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing.

Award Values

Cost Savings/Revenue Enhancements Award Value

Intangible Improvements


Up to $1,000






$10,001 and greater

$500 and up

Employee Suggestion Form

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Contact Information

Suggestion Information

My suggestion will:

Have you submitted this suggestion before, within the past year?

Is this suggestion being made by more than one employee?

By submitting this form, I certify that I am an or a:

at McLaren Port Huron. I have read and understand the eligibility requirements and rules stated on the Employee Suggestion Program page, and I agree that McLaren Port Huron shall have the right to make full use of my suggestion.