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Endometrial Ablation

NovaSure® procedure for heavy menstrual bleeding

The NovaSure® procedure may be right for you. Heavy periods, a type of abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB), can take a physical, social, and emotional toll on your life. If you’ve tried other treatments, but AUB keeps holding you back, you still have options.

If you are not planning on having children in the future and your doctor rules out more serious causes of heavy bleeding, you may be a good candidate for the NovaSure® procedure. It could be the next step that finally sets you free from AUB.

How Does the NovaSure® Procedure Work?

An alternative to hysterectomy for AUB, NovaSure endometrial ablation is a one-time procedure that removes the uterine lining to lighten or end your heavy periods while preserving the uterus.

  • It's Quick, the average procedure time is 4.2 minutes
  • It is Safe and Effective.
  • It is Simple, no incisions or hormonal pre-treatment medication is required.


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