Free Colorectal Cancer Screening - McLaren Thumb Region
Tuesday, November 09, 2021

McLaren Thumb Region
1100 S. VanDyke
Bad Axe MI , 48413
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Here’s how to participate:

1. Reserve your kit by calling toll-free 1-877-411-2762 or register here to make an appointment or register online at

2. Pick up your kit. A signed consent form is required and the kit must be picked up in person. Unfortunately, kits cannot be mailed or picked up for family or friends. Pick up your kit at the location listed for your screening date and time.

3. Submit your kit. Follow the directions for completing the simple stool sample test in the privacy of your home. Once finished, mail the kit back in the postage paid envelope. You can expect your results 2-3 weeks after mailing your kit.

Colorectal Cancer: Are you at risk?

If you are 45 or older or have a family history of colorectal cancer, the American Cancer Society recommends that you be screened for signs of colorectal cancer. Precancerous polyps and early-stage colorectal cancer don't always cause symptoms, especially at first. This means that someone could have polyps or colorectal cancer and not know it. This is why having a screening test is so important.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of polyps or colorectal cancer may include:

  • blood in or on your stool (bowel movement)
  • stomach pains, aches, or cramps that don’t go away
  • unexplained weight loss