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Family Medicine Residency Program

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McLaren Greater Lansing's Family Medicine Residency is an ACGME accredited program designed to provide training in the specialty of Osteopathic Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. Upon successful completion of this residency, the physician will be prepared to provide comprehensive health care to a diverse population and will be prepared for certification by the American Board of Osteopathic Family Practice.

What can our program offer you?


There are countless ways to practice Family Medicine, and our residency offers you the opportunity to shape your residency to facilitate YOUR future practice.

Our program adheres to AOA and ACGME requirements for Family Medicine Residencies, while also allowing several elective rotations. This allows you to spend time pursuing the training that you are most interested in, while still learning the fundamentals that all Family Medicine physicians need.

Graduates of our program have gone on to emphasize anything from rural medicine, to obstetrics, sports medicine, emergency medicine, and more.


We have weekly didactics and also participate in the Statewide Campus System, a periodic conference for Family Medicine residencies throughout Michigan.

Our didactics involve presentations by physicians, practitioners, and experts from the community, residents, and interns. We emphasize topics that are relevant to Family Medicine, with an emphasis on physical exams, OMM, and preparation for board exams.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Our Residency features a dedicated OMT clinic for referred patients. Family Medicine PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents are supervised by an experienced preceptor and see patients who have been referred for manipulation.

We also ensure that OMM is emphasized during our weekly didactics and Family Medicine clinic patients.

Continuity Clinic

McLaren Greater Lansing features a Family Medicine Residency Clinic, an outpatient resident clinic where you will have the opportunity to see your own scheduled patients beginning as a PGY-1. You will be supported and taught by experienced preceptors, and helped by an excellent in-house support staff. For more information, see the Clinic Information page.

Learning Resources

We have 24/7 access to McLaren Greater Lansing's hospital library, which includes computer and internet access, a multitude of textbooks, atlases, and journals. We also have several reference textbooks, learning aids, and handouts at the Multi-Specialty Clinic. Our program is also enrolled in a board preparation course to aid in your studies.

Community Involvement

Our program is dedicated to being involved in the local community. It provides an opportunity to put our knowledge to practice, learn by doing, meet new people, and most importantly give back to noble causes in the area. Among our recent events are volunteering as medical staff for the Special Olympics, Ele's Place (A healing center for grieving children), and performing sports physicals for local high schools.

Team Building

We take pride in going through residency as a family, and have regular team building events that allow us to get to know each other and take a break from the rigors of training. In recent years these have included an obstacle course, dodgeball, bowling, and kayaking.

Moonlighting Opportunities

Second- and Third-year Residents are allowed to moonlight provided they have obtained their full medical license. Our residents have worked at several outpatient offices and urgent care clinics in the area.

Educational Disbursement

A fixed amount of funds is given to Residents annually to cover educational expenses such as educational resources, conferences, and the cost of board exams.

Meal Card

McLaren Greater Lansing provides residents with a meal card loaded with credit to be used at the hospital cafeterias, which are open daily.

For questions or inquiries about our program, please contact our Medical Education department at (517) 975-7887.

Clinic Information for Family Medicine Residency

The Family Medicine Residency Clinic functions as a typical ambulatory office with reception, billing, and support staff. The clinic is organized to support resident continuity of care training with a designated panel of patients. Residents are encouraged to take ownership of their continuity clinic patients as they would in a private practice. The residency clinic is supervised by the program director and other teaching faculty.

Our dedicated Osteopathic Manipulation Clinic is held weekly at the Multi-Specialty Clinic as well. Physicians around the Lansing area may refer patients for OMT, which will be provided by Family Medicine residents, supervised by dedicated OMT preceptors.

Our clinic also features a social worker who provides counseling and therapy for medicaid patients.

Research for Family Medicine Residency

Family Medicine residents are required to complete two research projects by the end of their residency, as well as participate in a Quality Improvement project.

Conferences for Family Medicine Residency

All conferences must be pre-approved by the Program Director. Residents must attend a minimum of one ACOFP Scientific Seminar during residency. It is the residents' responsibility to be sure that the conference does not conflict with the clinic, rotation or call schedules.

Call Schedule

Interns have variable call schedules. This includes night shifts, swing, and weekend calls depending on what service they are on.

Second and Third year residents will take Family Medicine call. These are typically 7 days at a time, usually from Wednesday 8 AM to Wednesday 8 AM of the following week. This covers Family Medicine residency clinic inquiries.