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Golf For Life Program

Golf for Life Program
Offered at McLaren Bay Region Center for Rehab

For those whom golf is a passion cannot imagine a life without it. This is precisely why McLaren Rehabilitation Services added the Lifetime Golf program to its service-mix. A licensed physical therapist teaches the four-week, private pay program. The program is for individuals who want to improve their strength, flexibility, and most importantly - their game.

The golf swing is one of the most complex movements in all sports, requiring precision and integration of multiple areas of the body. This places an amazing amount of torque through the spine, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Those stresses, especially if executed through a faulty swing, can lead to injury that can limit enjoyment and ability to play. There is a biomechanically perfect swing that is ideal, but we modify that swing for each individual's limitations or specific injuries.

Getting Back in the Game Safely

LifeTime Golf can keep you in the game longer and more safely.

McLaren Bay Region is pleased to offer LifeTime Golf™ at the Center for Rehabilitation on our West Campus. This program is designed for the golfer who is limited by pain or previous injury, or the golfer hoping to improve overall performance. 

The golf swing is stressful to the joints and tissues of the body, even when performed properly. Any decrease in strength or flexibility can increase the stresses and can limit your full potential, increase pain, increase your risk of injury, and rob you of power. 

The program is tailored to each individual's specific goals, needs and problem areas. For someone who had a hip replacement, we will work on altering the swing to stay within a safe range of motion without adding increased stress on the lower spine. For someone who experiences low back pain, we will identify the problem causing the limitation and alter the swing to reduce pain to be able to get back to the game. Everyone has unique issues they carry with them that influence their enjoyment of the game; therefore, each session is also unique to that individual's needs.

Rehab golfer

This program does not focus on specific skills, such as putting, chipping, or corrections of hooks/slices. It is about correcting biomechanics of the swing to reduce the risk of injury and restoring golf as an enjoyable part of your life.

There's always potential that as we change the swing to be better for a person's body, there will also be gains in power, distance, even accuracy, but the real gains are being able to enjoy the game again, and let the challenge be from the game, not the limitations or pain from your body.

LifeTime Golf™ includes a strength and flexibility exam by a licensed physical therapist with special expertise in golf rehab. Included is a videotaped swing analysis, an individualized exercise program to address your needs, and a home exercise program, which can be continued during the off season. 

Program Goals

  • Identify limitations hindering performance 
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Improve strength and endurance 
  • Prevent potential injuries 
  • Improve golf performance 
  • Increase driving distance 

Golf is a life time sport, and it is important to realize there are ways to improve your level of play and decrease pain through awareness and exercise, while you improve your level of enjoyment. 

The program is housed at the Center for Rehabilitation, a 23,000 square foot facility housing a 4,000 square foot rehabilitation gym and therapeutic pool. The Center provides patients and family members with coordinated, comprehensive rehabilitation at one location. 


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