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As you recover at home, make sure you can access help when you need it—McLaren Health Management Group partners with Philips Lifeline to offer our patients the option of having the trusted response center of Philips Lifeline available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

When you experience a fall, medical issue, or other emergency, every second counts. Delayed medical care can jeopardize your recovery and your independence. Lifeline with AutoAlert provides automatic fall detection and access to help, even when you may not be able to push your help button. Philips Lifeline offers special pricing to McLaren patients, making the AutoAlert pendant even more affordable.

With Philips Lifeline from McLaren Health Management Group:

  • Stay connected to your Homecare team. Lifeline sends an alert if you have a medical emergency, a fall, or if you are hospitalized.
  • Feel safer with uninterrupted support. Unlike a cell phone, our waterproof personal help button is on you at all times, so in and around your home, you can always access help.  
  • Recover and maintain your independence. With one of our Lifeline options, help is always available, whether it is a call to a loved one for a non-emergent situation or a call to EMS for something more serious. The quicker you can access help, the more likely you are to recover—sooner.

If you are interested in a call from one of our Philips Lifeline representatives to discuss our reduced rates and service options, please speak with a member of your McLaren Health Management Group team, or call (866) 402-2345.


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