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Family BirthPlace - McLaren Macomb

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Family BirthPlace - McLaren Macomb 1000 Harrington Blvd.
Mount Clemens, MI 48043
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About Us

Your Stay at the McLaren Macomb Family Birthing Center

An expectant mother knows that selecting a hospital for delivery of her baby is an important decision. Staffed by experienced nurses, McLaren Macomb provides the highest quality of clinical expertise and care. McLaren also offers a wide range of birthing classes throughout the year.

Your Accommodations

The Family Birthing Center at McLaren Macomb has 15 comfortable Family Birth Center Suites or LDRP rooms. Here, moms-to-be will find all of the amenities for a pleasant birth experience. The spacious rooms are designed so that moms can stay in one place during and after delivery. (Labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care can take place in one comfortable room). Each suite includes a birthing bed, fetal monitor, infant warmer and all of the necessary equipment for a vaginal delivery. The fetal monitor also has a remote surveillance system which allows nurses and physicians to monitor the labor and the baby from several locations around the Birthing Center. After the baby is born, the delivery equipment is removed from the room and the baby is placed in an oak bassinet.

Birthing Suites also include:

  • A private bathroom
  • Rocking chair
  • Sleeping chair for the support person
  • Full-sized television
  • Telephone and wireless computer access
  • Room service menu available all day

Currently, the rooms are undergoing a redesign for our patients' comfort and convenience.

Designated Obstetric OR

If a Cesarean delivery is necessary, there are two surgical suites located within the birthing center. The team also includes anesthesiologists who are available 24 hours a day for epidurals or any surgical emergencies that might arise. Women who undergo a C-section delivery also stay in private postpartum rooms in the Family Birthing Center unit.

The Special Care Nursery: Neonatology At McLaren Macomb - (586) 493-8296

This 15-bed unit is located within the Family Birthing Center to care for neonates requiring more intensive levels of care. Babies born at 32 weeks or greater receive ventilator support, PICC lines, central lines and cardio-respiratory monitoring.

The Special Care Nursery offers constant nursing care and continuous cardio-respiratory support. This area also has a board-certified neonatologist available around the clock. In addition, McLaren has a contract partnership with Children's Hospital of Michigan, which can offer more specialized care, if needed.


Constant security of newborns is provided through the HUGS Infant Security System.

  • Using advanced wireless radio frequency technology, the Hugs® system is highly reliable in keeping infants protected and secure within the Family Birthing Center. Every infant wears a small Hugs tag on the ankle that is automatically enrolled in the system the moment it is attached.
  • The Family Birthing Center is a designated “safe area,” so all exits are protected by door monitors and a network of receivers picks up messages from the tags. If the infant is taken near an exit, an alarm will sound.
  • An alarm will also sound if an attempt is made to cut or remove the infant’s the tag strap.
  • Both the Family Birthing Center and the Special Care Nursery are secured areas and are not open to the public. Only verified parents and visitors are allowed entry.

New parents have a lot to remember. The staff of the Family Birthing Center would like to help with a few reminders.

Pediatrician visit:

You will be asked to select a pediatrician for your newborn. This pediatrician must discharge the baby from the hospital.

All test results and health information on your newborn will be sent to your pediatrician.

If parents do not have a preferred pediatrician, the staff of the Family Birthing Center would be happy to provide a list of recommended physicians.

Tests and vaccinations:

Before leaving the hospital, the Family Birthing Center offers several screenings to ensure your baby's good health. These include:

  • Complimentary universal hearing tests for all newborns
  • The first hepatitis B vaccination, should the parents choose this service
  • Newborn blood screening (PKU blood test) to check for the possibility of any rare blood diseases

Birth Certificate:

Staff will assist new parents in obtaining Social Security cards, copies of birth certificates and affidavits of parentage. Parents receive forms and worksheets that are sent to the state; final process takes about four to six weeks.

Car seats:

An infant car seat is mandatory for bringing home your new baby. Newborns should always ride in a rear-facing car seat and it is recommended that children under age 2 should also remain in a rear-facing car seat, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

To install a car seat correctly, always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of the seat. Parents are expected to come prepared with a properly installed car seat on the day of discharge from the hospital.

For more information on car seat safety, visit

If you are looking for an OB/GYN, consider McLaren Macomb

At McLaren Macomb we understand that selecting the right obstetrician/gynecologist is an important decision. That’s why we assembled a team of OB/GYN physicians from a wide variety of backgrounds to meet your health care needs before, during and after pregnancy. When you’re preparing to become a new mother, McLaren Macomb’s OB/GYN team is prepared to provide the care you need.

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