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Sleep Center - McLaren Macomb

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Sleep Center - McLaren Macomb 1000 Harrington Blvd.
Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48043
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About Us

About the McLaren Macomb Sleep Center

Established more than 20 years ago, the McLaren Macomb Sleep Center now performs 800 Sleep Studies annually. 

The McLaren Macomb Sleep Center is a hospital based state-of-the-art facility, fully accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The AASM sets strict standards for centers to maintain. This is to make sure that patients with sleep disorders get the highest level of care. Patients can also be assured that the results of a sleep study are always reviewed by a board-certified sleep specialist.

The center provides comprehensive sleep studies, physician evaluation, analysis, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.  A sleep study monitors and records several physiologic functions during sleep, including brain wave activity, eye movement, oxygen blood levels, heart rate and rhythm, and breathing rate and rhythm. The test also records the flow of air through the mouth and nose, snoring, body muscle movements, chest and abdominal movement.  By capturing this data, the center's team can make an accurate diagnosis.

Sleep studies are performed in private rooms, each with a private bath. The center typically operates Monday through Friday, with most testing performed overnight. The center does some daytime testing, especially for shift workers who are accustomed to sleeping during the day

The center recently added a new sleep monitoring system to help physicians more accurately and completely diagnose a variety of health problems related to sleep. Through this new technology, patients receive more accurate monitoring and more comfortable testing. The new system also helps patients by providing more comprehensive information to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders.

The center's most prevalent diagnosis is obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that causes the patient to temporarily stop breathing for multiple periods of time.

Managing Sleep Disorders One Individual at a Time

There are numerous other disorders that are also evaluated and treated. At the McLaren Macomb Sleep Center we manage sleep disorders one patient at a time.

To make an appointment to talk to a sleep specialist call the McLaren Macomb Sleep Center at (586) 493-2544.


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