McLaren Hospitality House

McLaren Hospitality House: A Home Away From Home

Caring for cancer goes well beyond offering the latest technologies and treatments. It also requires providing support and resources that address the emotional, spiritual and extended physical needs of patients and their caregivers. This philosophy is the driving force behind the development of McLaren Hospitality House - a home away from home for many of our patients.

McLaren Hospitality House in Flint, Michigan

Located adjacent to McLaren Proton Therapy Center, McLaren Hospitality House provides comfortable, extended-stay housing at no or minimal cost and to create a healing, caring and comfortable environment for patients and their caregivers who are traveling long distances for treatment.

A full complement of activities, programs, quiet spaces and amenities are available at the facility.

Patients receiving proton therapy require treatment daily for approximately six to eight weeks. McLaren Hospitality House was designed with this in mind and provides easy access to treatment, support services and care for other medical needs. Learn more about McLaren Hospitality House.