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Diabetes Care
Offered at McLaren McLaren St. Luke's

At McLaren St. Luke's, we are committed to delivering quality care to our patients and providing excellence in the management of diabetic conditions and symptoms related to type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The St. Luke’s Wound & Diabetes Care Center will help you:

  • Learn the symptoms of diabetes
  • Understand the various types of diabetes
  • Manage your diabetes so you can live life to the fullest
  • Care for your wounds – provided by exceptional wound care specialist physicians and staff at our fully-equipped wound care center
  • Find and connect to the latest resources for diabetes management

A proven plan for managing diabetes

Following a good diabetes management plan means having more energy, feeling better, and reducing the complications associated with diabetes. Good management should not only focus on physical health but also on your emotional well-being. Getting physical activity and having a support mechanism can help in reducing your stress.

Good diabetes management happens under the supervision of a board-certified endocrinologist and includes:

  • Following a meal plan for diabetes, developed and monitored by a recognized diabetes specialist dietitian
  • Engaging in regular physical activity
  • Attending a diabetes support group
  • Consistent glucose monitoring with good record keeping
  • Taking medication, if needed, to control blood glucose
  • Taking excellent care of wounds with the help of a wound care specialist
  • Reducing stress
  • Participating in a diabetes self-management program designed for you

It’s vital that you have regular check-ups and use your appointment time wisely. Also:

  • See your doctor for your diabetes regularly
  • See a certified diabetes educator
  • Have your diabetes doctor check your blood pressure and do foot exams on each visit
  • Be ready, have your shoes and socks off and ask for the foot exam
  • Bring your list of medications you are taking
  • Bring your record keeping log of your blood sugars
  • Have a written list of your questions
  • Ask to receive a copy of your lab work and have it reviewed (A1C, lipids, and microalbumin)
  • Have an annual eye and dental exam
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Find a Diabetes Expert Near You

McLaren St. Luke's offers diabetes care and management services and treatment to Maumee, and the surrounding area with multiple locations and physicians. Below is a list of our health care professionals: