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Patient Letters

Office closing: This letter is to be used if an office will be closing. Details may vary dependent upon whether the providers will be relocating to a new office or will be leaving as well. If providers will be relocating, include the new office location. If they will not be relocating within McLaren, be sure to include a McLaren physician to refer the patients to and the location.  Please complete this form, save it to your computer, and then email it to
Leaving doc with new hire replacement: If a physician is leaving and a new physician is being hired to take his or her place, this letter is may be used. Names, dates and office information will need to be adjusted accordingly.
Provider leaving with other physician at the office assuming care(if no new physician is being hired): If a provider is leaving and they other physicians are available to assume patient care and there is not a replacement physician being hired, this letter may be used.  Please complete this form, save it to your computer, and then email it to
General New provider: This letter template may be used to announce that a new provider is joining an office. If an office did not find a replacement for a departing physician right away, this template is a good choice to announce to the former provider's patients that a new physician has joined the office.