Diabetic? This 4-Minute Eye Exam Might Save Your Vision

McLaren now offers new walk-in technology

Author: James Curtis


“This vision-saving technology is crucial for early detection and timely treatment.”


Diabetes can occur in any individual at any stage of life. While diabetes risk is typically diagnosed through A1C blood sugar tests, your eyes can help see additional risk like vision loss by looking through them—early and often.

The most common cause of vision loss and blindness for individuals living with diabetes is an eye condition known as diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy affects blood vessels in the retina and may not display early symptoms. Discovering the condition early through a yearly eye exam can help diabetics protect their vision. McLaren CareNow in Fenton offers these important screenings on a walk-in basis and can immediately send results back to patients’ primary care providers and/or specialist care team.

“This vision-saving technology is crucial for early detection and timely treatment,” said Deborah Conlon, MSN, FNP-BC, Vice President of Retail Clinic Operations at McLaren Health Management Group. “Coupled with the convenience of the McLaren CareNow clinic, we’re proud to serve as an asset and partner to patients and providers alike in the Fenton community.”

Digital retinal screenings use specialized cameras to produce high resolution, colored images of the inside of an eye to assess the health of the light sensitive tissue, otherwise known as the retina. The images display several parts of the retina, such as the optic nerve, optic disk, and macula. The images help detect and manage a patient’s eye health by showing any abnormalities that could potentially affect their vision. In addition to diabetic retinopathy, the digital retinal screening can also help detect and manage risk for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other retinal concerns.

Digital Retinal Screening

“The non-invasive digital screening process allows for a quick diagnosis by producing the retinal images immediately,” said Conlon. “This helps us determine the baseline of their eye to monitor and evaluate any progressive abnormalities in collaboration with their current providers, as well as helps patients and family members better understand the diagnosis.”

During the exam, patients sit in front of the digital retinal scanner, place their chin and forehead on a support to keep their head still, and opens their eyes as wide as possible while a painless laser scans their eye to produce digital images for the nurse and other healthcare professionals to view. The entire exam takes about four minutes.

McLaren CareNow at Walgreens offers many additional services for diabetes patients who may not be able to quickly see their primary care provider or specialist. To learn more about McLaren CareNow, or to schedule an appointment online, visit mclaren.org/carenow.


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