Ever Living Tree Gifts at Work: A Source of Hope for Those with Cancer

On her birthday in 2016, Camelita Rice received one of the biggest surprises of her life - she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As a single mom helping her daughter get ready for her senior year of high school, Camelita was not prepared for this news or the events in the coming weeks and months. Time was of the essence as the newly-discovered tumor grew considerably in a matter of days. And while this life-changing situation Camelita was facing created extreme circumstances for her, your generous support of the Ever Living Tree fund would help her through the darkest days.

A partial mastectomy was performed almost immediately and Camelita tried to take as little time off from work as possible. Unfortunately, her insurance was cancelled, creating a significant financial burden. The staff at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint listened to Camelita and helped her to find resources to assist her with these growing financial needs. One of those resources was the Ever Living Tree Fund.  The Ever Living Tree fund was established in 1990 by a patient who wanted to help others struggling to make ends meet during cancer treatment. This special fund is reserved for patients who need help with basic needs, such as transportation to appointments, medication, and food – just to mention a few of the most commonly requested items.

The support Camelita received from the Ever Living Tree fund helped her greatly throughout her cancer journey with her financial needs as well as providing peace of mind.  Today, Camelita is happily in remission and is scheduled to complete her treatment this December. She is grateful for all those who generously contributed to this fund and want to make a difference for people with cancer.

For more information on how you can support the Ever Living Tree fund, please click here to make a donation or contact the McLaren Flint Foundation with questions by emailing mclarenfoundation@mclaren.org or by calling (810) 342-4087.