Karmanos Cancer Institute issues statement on e-cigarettes and risk of vaping

Karmanos Cancer Institute

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Karmanos Cancer Institute joins the growing number of health care providers concerned about the use of e-cigarettes and vaping. E-cigarettes deliver nicotine and other vaporized chemicals to the lung. Initiation of vaping among youth is strongly associated with the subsequent addiction to smoking tobacco products. The vaporized ingredients in e-cigarettes, including flavoring products, are potentially harmful and have recently been linked to acute lung injury, chronic respiratory symptoms and even death. Additionally, exposure of nonusers to "second-hand" e-cigarette vapors may also lead to health problems.

As the largest provider of cancer care and research in the state of Michigan, Karmanos believes our citizens should be aware of these harmful health risks and cautioned about the use of flavored e-cigarettes to prevent long-term health problems. We support and encourage Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan State Legislature to act to protect Michigan residents. Given the links to cancer risk that were ultimately proven from tobacco products, we believe e-cigarettes and vaping should be avoided.

The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS), which includes professional groups such as American Thoracic Society and American College of Chest Physicians, released a statement recommending:

  • Vaping should be considered tobacco products and regulated as such, including taxation of electronic cigarettes and supplies. 
  • The sale of electronic cigarettes to adolescents and young adults must be prohibited by all nations, and those bans must be enforced.
  • All forms of promotion must be regulated and advertising of electronic cigarettes in media that are accessible to youths should cease.
  • Because flavorings increase rates of youth initiation, they should be banned in electronic nicotine delivery products.
  • E-cigarette use should be prohibited in indoor locations, public parks, and places where children and youths are present.

Justin F. Klamerus, M.D., MMM
Karmanos Cancer Hospital & Network

Ayman O. Soubani, M.D.
Chief, Pulmonary & Critical Care Services
Karmanos Cancer Institute