McLaren Lapeer Region Accredited as Level III Geriatric Emergency Department

Author: Sam Roth

McLaren Lapeer Region has been accredited as a Level III Geriatric Emergency Department from the American College of Emergency Physicians. This accreditation demonstrates McLaren's commitment to senior patients who visit the emergency department by assuring high-quality care through expertise, equipment, and personnel.

Emergency department that are geriatric accredited improve patient outcomes, provide, standardized approaches to care that address common geriatric issues, ensure optimal transition of care from the Emergency Department to other settings, improve emergency department throughput and support geriatric-focused quality improvement.

"This achievement is a testament of our dedication to our aging population," said Tim Vargas, President and CEO of McLaren Lapeer Region. "Our team is proud to be recognized for our outstanding care for older adults."

To be Level III accredited, an Emergency Department is required to have focused education in geriatric care, access to mobility aids such as canes and four-point walkers, evidence of a geriatric emergency are initiative, and easy access to food and drink at all times.

"The majority of people who visit our emergency department are elderly," said Dr. Joseph Zajchowski, Chief Medical Officer at McLaren Lapeer Region. "They often present with multiple conditions and have several more barriers than the rest of our population. This accreditation guarantees that our emergency department has the proper care and protocols in place to ensure the best outcomes."