McLaren Greater Lansing
Interview and Residency Selection Process

OB/GYN Interview & Residency Selection Process GME McLaren Greater Lansing

The residency selection process is designed to be consistent and fair, based upon academic achievement, personal interview, and letters of recommendation, and level of interest demonstrated in the MGL residency program.

An application package shall be considered complete once the following items have been received:

  • Completed application through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Official osteopathic medical school transcript.
  • Official COMLEX scores (level I, II PE & CE).
  • Letters of recommendation (three)
  • Letter from the dean of the medical school.
Once the application is complete, the applicant will be contacted by the Department of Medical Education and will be advised of the status of his/her application and if an interview is to be granted.

Interviews are normally scheduled during the month of October and November for anticipated acceptance into the next academic year (usually commencing in July).  Currently the preferred process for interview is to schedule interviews on one or two days.  The candidate is invited to spend the day before the interview date at our institution spending time primarily with the residents as well as touring the facility.  This is more important for the candidate who did not do a formal rotation in ob-gyn at MGL.  There is also an informal informational session on that day with the Program Director and the Residency Coordinator.  Following this session, there is an informal "meet and greet" dinner at a local restaurant, which allows for interaction between candidates, current residents and teaching core faculty.  The formal interview occurs on the following day, and our current process is for the candidate to be interviewed with the entire committee at one time (approximately 20-30 minutes per candidate).

It is ideal (but not mandatory) if the candidate has had a rotation at our facility, which better enables us to become exposed to the candidate, as well as for the candidate to become exposed to our program.  We believe that it is important for the prospective resident to meet as many of the current residents as possible to get an overview of their perspective of the program, as well as to determine if the prospective candidate can work with the residents and be comfortable with the philosophy of the program. If the interested candidate has not had the opportunity to rotate at our institution, it is beneficial for that candidate to arrange for a shadowing experience.  This allows for increased exposure for all involved. The ob/gyn residency is a demanding/time intensive residency, which requires intensive/close teamwork with the other residents.

Following the interview, committee members will fill out an evaluation form with their individual recommendations relative to the selection of the candidate.  The committee will then submit their recommendations to the program director and final selection will be by the program director in conjunction with the committee.  It is our goal to provide feedback to the prospective candidate relative to the status of their application to our program.  This is dependent on the timing of and the number of candidates' interviewing for the program.  It is our goal to notify prospective candidates of their status, in accordance with the AOA guidelines for the Match process