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Occupational Medicine

Our occupational health experts are focused on the evaluation, treatment, and prevention of medical conditions cause by a workplace environment. McLaren's specialists in this area are thoroughly trained to evaluate the cause of an employee injury or illness, taking into account patient history, work conditions and other components so that cases are properly treated and recorded to assure a worker's safe return to the job.

Occupational Medicine: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the results back on a drug test?

Results for a negative drug screen are usually within 24 hours. Positive results are usually within 48-72 hours. Please note that donor availability may affect the turnaround time.

Can you pull randoms for substance abuse testing?

Yes, we ask that you provide information on those individuals in your company that require random testing, we then work in-conjunction with a service which randomly selects the individuals to be tested.

Occupational Medicine Videos