McLaren Greater Lansing
Ortho Surgery Curriculum and Rotation Schedule

Ortho Curriculum Residency McLaren Greater Lansing

The program at MGL shall include training in ambulatory and surgical orthopedics and all other non-operative means of diagnosis and treatment through didactic and clinical experience.  Emphasis will be placed on the application of osteopathic philosophy, principles and practice appropriate to the specialty of orthopedics.

First year residents will be exposed to multiple medical subspecialties but will have a concentrated area of six-months in general orthopedic surgery rotations. 

While on the orthopedic surgery rotation, the resident will be assisting and performing orthopedic surgery with the attending physician and will be involved in floor management as well as consultations on the hospital floors.  Additionally, a designated resident will be covering Emergency Department consultations as well.

PGY I Year
Internal Medicine
4 weeks
Med. ICU:
4 weeks
Emergency Medicine
4 weeks
4 weeks
Vascular Surgery
4 weeks
General Surgery
4 weeks
General Orthopedics
36 weeks

PGY II – PGY V Years
39 months
Pediatrics (PGY 4) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Cincinnati, OH
3 months
Trauma (PGY 4) at Wellspan York Hospital,
York, PA
3 months
Orthopedic Oncology (PGY 3)
1 month
Ambulatory Orthopedics
Continuity experience two-days per week in clinic.
Elective - optional
1 month