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Pain Center Satisfied Clients

Published on Thursday, July 23, 2015
Patient S.H.

"It’s like lightening was stabbing me in the back and radiating down my legs. Of course, my job requires lifting boxes all day, says T.W. Sometimes, I felt like I was going to lose my breath because of the pain. But I kept taking ibuprofen, but never really solving the problem. I was miserable. My family doctor sent me to the Pain Management Center for evaluation and treatment.

"I think it was the most thorough physical I ever had. They started me on a regimen of nerve blocks with low-impact steroids and exercise. The weight restrictions they wrote for my employer shifted me to another area where I’m lifting less heavy loads. The Pain Center has made a huge difference in alleviating pain and helping me regain mobility and function." 

Patient L.W.

"I’ve had years of back pain, back fusion surgery and spinal arthritis. Finally, it got to the point I had difficulty walking, bending, and I could I feel like my quality of life was really not very good. I couldn’t walk 50 feet without feeling pain. My family doctor referred me to the Pain Management Center. I had a first series of facet injections in my lower back, which started to calm things down.

"Now I’m going through my first series of epidural injections in the upper area of my right leg, and a second epidural nerve block to relieve my lower back pain. Now, I can walk more than 50% without pain, and on a scale of 100, I’m feeling 99% pain relief. I decided I was too young to let pain take over my life. I’m going to be in control, and with the Pain Center’s help, I am not going to hurt forever."

surgeon operating
operating up close

Patients of Sam Morkos, M.D., anesthesiologist and Pain Management Center specialist, receive epidural nerve blocks for pain in areas where they are experiencing pain with function. The procedure is guided by fluoroscopy, so the insert of the block can be seen on the computer screen. The procedure takes less than 45 minutes. When each patient left, they were already experiencing significant pain relief.
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S.H. had a pulsed radiofrequency rhizotomy that stunned the affected nerve in her back. She had relief for about six months. Then, numbness and swelling began. She was unable to lie on her back, or do any daily living activities. Her pain level went from a 2 or 3 to a constant 9-10. "It was no quality of life, I can tell you," she says.

She was referred to Bay’s Pain Management Center. After just one nerve block treatment to the affected facet joint, her pain level decreased to a ‘5.’ Back for the second nerve block injection. She says: "I’m optimistic now that the pain is starting to decrease. The numbness and swelling have nearly gone away. I’ve had excellent treatment at the Pain Management Center. I had some apprehension about putting a needle in my back. I didn’t need to worry. The staff tell you exactly what’s going to happen, and I know I will feel better when I leave."

J.F. knew he needed help more help lifting an 800-pound box off a truck. That occurred to him right after he slammed into the back wall, and felt a sharp, stabbing pain. He’d used his back without problem for 35+ years, and he’d always been active in football, hunting and fishing. So, he put up with the pain for two weeks until it brought tears to his eyes. An MRI showed a herniated disc.

Bay’s Pain Center is doing nerve blocks, combined with 6-8 weeks of physical therapy, to strengthen his back, sufficient that he can return to work. J.F. says: "I didn’t think the nerve blocks would help, but they’ve been a lifesaver. I don’t think I could be doing nearly as well in physical therapy without these folks. They hit the areas of pain every time, and I leave, feeling like I have a life again."