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Barb and Melissa - Mother and Daughter - Bariatric Surgery Journey

Published on Thursday, June 01, 2017

Barb and Melissa, a mother and daughter team, credit McLaren Port Huron's Bariatric Surgery program and their surgeon with helping them lose weight and gain relief from serious health conditions.

They struggled with their weight for many years. Melissa, in her early 30's and a diabetic taking 6 injections a day, woke up with diabetic neuropathy - nerve pain and numbness in her feet. She decided she needed to do something as soon as possible and started asking around for information about bariatric surgery programs. She heard from several people that McLaren Port Huron has a program worth looking into.

Melissa's mother, Barb, went with Melissa to the McLaren Port Huron bariatric informational seminar, more from a support perspective. She too had serious health conditions related to her obesity - high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and diabetes. She had struggled with weight loss for years - first gaining and then losing several pounds, she states that before bariatric surgery, she had probably lost the weight of 5 people over her lifetime but until now couldn't keep the weight off. While at the seminar, she and Melissa heard about the benefits and surgical options for weight loss from a bariatric surgeon. After attending the seminar, they both determined that bariatric surgery was right for them.

Since having surgery, Melissa, starting her journey at 316 pounds has lost over 100 pounds and Barb has lost more than 140 pounds. Both are continuing to lose weight to reach their personal goals.


"From having bariatric surgery, I've been able to really live - my diabetes is gone. I wake up with energy. I used to have really stiff joints - shoulders and knees - everything was hurting." Melissa shared.


According to Barb, "Before my bariatric surgery I was gaining and losing weight my whole life and I had major health issues. Since bariatric surgery, my health has improved dramatically. I had high blood pressure, I had cholesterol issues. I was on a c-pap machine, I found out I was diabetic and now everything is perfect. I've lost over 140 pounds. I can get up and be more active now - and do everything someone who is a smaller size can do."