Harry Colfer, MD, Michigan Heart & Vascular Specialists - Thank You

"Thanks for your exceptional care over the last 12 years! It gives me great peace of mind knowing you have my back! And my heart! Thx again!"

"Been with him since 1998, he’s one of the best drs I ever had. He cares for his patients and he takes his time with you, while other drs rush you out or don’t listen to you. He’s pretty much saved my life over the years. Had heart problems that started with a pacemaker back in WI. Moved up here, and he got me straightened back out and on the right meds, especially after Alpena did not know what they were doing back then. Thanks for being there for me all these years."

“Nisus would like to thank Dr. Colfer for all your hard work and support over many years of clinical research. You have made a difference for your patients and for our community.” – nisus research nurses

“Dr Colfer continues to lead in bringing new technologies to the field of cardiology. We are all better off because of him. I’m lucky to be one his patients. He has every reason to be proud as we all are of him.”