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McLaren Flint Physicians First in Michigan to offer MultiPoint Pacing Technology for Heart Failure Patients

Published on Friday, July 01, 2016

Abdul Alawwa, M.D., FACC, cardiac electrophysiologist, became the first physician in Michigan to utilize the new MultiPoint Pacing technology called the Quadra Assura MP™ cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) defibrillator on Friday, April 1, 2016. This technology is used for patients diagnosed with heart failure, a progressive condition in which the heart weakens and loses its ability to pump an adequate supply of blood throughout the body. CRT technology is used to get a patients right and left ventricles to contract in a coordinated fashion. MultiPoint pacing technology is designed to deliver electrical pulses to multiple locations within the heart to enhance heart muscle performance. The “multipoint” portion of the technology is what allows the heart’s left ventricle to coordinate with its right ventricle. By coordinating the two, the heart bets more effectively.

“Despite the improvements seen with CRT, non-responding patients to this type of therapy remain a significant issue and non-responding patients to CRT are not able to be identified at the time of implant,” states Dr. Alawwa. “Individual patient response can also be unpredictable. With studies now showing that activating more ventricular tissue faster may enhance heart muscle performance, I look forward to utilizing this new MultiPoint pacing option to improve outcomes for heart failure patients.”

Approximately 23 million people worldwide are afflicted with congestive heart failure and two million new cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. Studies have shown that CRT can improve the quality of life for many patients with heart failure. CRT resynchronizes the lower chambers of the heart by sending uniquely programmed electrical impulses to stimulate each ventricle to beat in sync for optimal cardiac performance.

Recognition should also be given to M. Hassan, MD, board certified electrophysiologist, who became the first physician in Michigan to implant the Quadra Assura MP™ cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker on April 20, 2016. It too uses the MultiPoint Pacing technology which offers patients the benefit of getting both sides of the heart consistently pumping together.