McLaren Health Care
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

2021 Update: Please note that Volunteer Services is currently functioning at a limited capacity due to COVID-19. Current volunteer service opportunities available at McLaren Bay Main Campus (1900 Columbus, Bay City) and McLaren West Branch (2110 M-76, WB) are as follows:

Cafeteria Support
Location: Main Campus – 1st Floor
Time: Monday through Friday 11 AM to 1 PM
Description: Assists with the sanitization of the dining area by wiping tables down after each use. Checking that tables have the appropriate number of chairs in place for distancing restrictions, as indicated by markers on table.

Clergy Office
Location: Main Campus - 5th Floor
Time: Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Description: Keeping a daily record of patient admissions and discharges by religion and denominations. Informing the clergy regarding which of their members is a patient in the hospital. File the clergy cards in their specific files.

Gift Shop
Location: Main Campus - First Floor
Time: Monday through Sunday. Hours are flexible morning or afternoon shift.
Description: Performing tasks required in the Gift Shop and Gift Shop storeroom. Answering calls, processing customer purchases and taking telephone orders. Assist with various projects. Run errands as requested. Assist in cleaning and stocking storeroom and pricing gift shop items.

Pastoral Care/ Chaplains
Location: Main Campus
Time: Can sign up for any available days of month for visits (visits can take 2-8 hours depending on requests, will also be “on call” those days for emergency situations)
Description: Provide spiritual and emotional support for patients, families and friends of patients, and staff of the hospital, where such help may not be available through an outside source. Will assist the hospital in providing a holistic approach to the healing and recovering of its patients. Chaplains are scheduled to make rounds in the hospital daily. They go to the medical/surgical floor as well as the emergency room, and often times will see a need in a family waiting room. Being a non-denominational group, our Chaplains do not carry the sacraments on their person to provide communion. If the patient shows interest in receiving a Sacrament, the Chaplain will find the appropriate spiritual leader.

Location: Main Campus – Third Floor
Time: Monday through Friday. Flexible shifts, 2-4 hours during regular business hours
Description: Assists with stickering medicines and IV, ripping and tearing unit dose apart for the bins, etc

Reception Desk - West Branch
Location: 2110 M-76, West Branch, MI 48661
Time: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 4-hour shifts.
Description: Reception/Information Desk. Greet and direct patients and visitors, retrieve wheelchair or scooter for patients/visitors as needed or requested. Assists with keeping the reception area clean and orderly.

Surgery Lounge Volunteer
Location: Main Campus
Time: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 4-hour shifts.
Description: Assist in attending to the emotional and informational needs of families waiting for relatives undergoing surgery. Answers incoming telephone calls. Relays information to the waiting families concerning the location and condition of the patient. Greets patients upon arrival for their procedure, verifies information and makes appropriate contacts.