McLaren Retail Pharmacy now offers free prescription delivery service to McLaren employees at various worksite locations. 

Locations Offered

Bay Special Care Hospital

Address: 3250 East Midland Rd. | Bay City
Delivery:Monday - Friday (Between 9 a.m.-10 a.m.)
Pharmacy:McLaren Pharmacy - Allen Medical Building 
Pick up at the BSC pharmacy between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

McLaren Bay Region - Lincoln Center

Address:820 S. Lincoln Ave. | Bay City
Delivery:Monday - Friday (Between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. )
Pharmacy:Any Bay Area Pharmacy 
Delivered directly to employee

MHG Davison

Address:1515 Cal Dr. | Davison
Delivery:Monday - Friday (Between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.)
Pharmacy:McLaren Pharmacy - Flint
Pick up at the Infusion pharmacy after 3 p.m.

Employee Worksite Delivery Q&A

How can I have my prescriptions delivered to my office?
For new prescriptions:

Ask your physician to call, send via fax, or electronically send your new prescription directly to your designated McLaren Pharmacy or drop off your prescription to your designated McLaren Pharmacy during regular business hours.

For refills:

Call your designated McLaren Pharmacy’s automated phone line. Select option 1 and follow the automated prompts to enter your refill number. Once the refill information is entered and confirmed, select option 2 for delivery, then select 1 to provide your name, date of birth, office phone number and address of worksite (include office or suite number if applicable).

For transfers from another pharmacy:

Drop off your prescription bottle from the other pharmacy with its label still attached during regular business hours, or call your designated McLaren Pharmacy with the following:
Required for transfers:

  • Patient's name
  • Medication name
  • Pharmacy name & phone number (where your Rx was originally filled)
  • Rx number

How do I request my prescription be delivered to my worksite?
Call your designated McLaren Retail Pharmacy with the below required info:

  • Employee name
  • Date of birth
  • Office phone number
  • Address of worksite (include office or suite number if applicable)

How do I know what my designated McLaren Pharmacy is?
Please visit the Worksite Delivery Schedule for worksite delivery locations, your location’s designated pharmacy, and delivery schedule.

What time will my prescription be delivered?
Please visit the Worksite Delivery Schedule for worksite delivery locations, your location’s designated pharmacy, and delivery schedule.

Will my Rx be delivered directly to my office?
Most prescriptions will be delivered directly to you at your office unless designated differently for your worksite.

Can another employee receive my prescription delivery on my behalf?
No. Employees MUST sign for their own prescription. The driver will not leave your prescription with another employee.

What happens to my prescription if I miss the delivery driver?
Prescriptions unable to be delivered will be returned to the pharmacy at the end of the business day. You can either pick up the order at the pharmacy the next business day or contact the pharmacy to reschedule the delivery.

What if my order doesn't arrive during the scheduled drop off time?
Contact your designated McLaren Pharmacy if your order has not arrived during the scheduled time frame for your location.

How does McLaren Pharmacy ensure patient confidentiality?
Prescriptions are delivered in a sealed bag that will only show the employee name, building address, and office phone number on the outside delivery ticket.

What if the pharmacy is unable to fill my order?
The pharmacy will make every effort to contact the employee in situations where the order is unable to be completed due to billing issues, medication out of stock, doctor authorization needed, etc.

How much notification time is needed to have a prescription delivered to my worksite?
Providing a 24-hour notice on orders that are for worksite delivery is preferred. However, refill requests or new orders received prior to 10 a.m. are eligible for same day delivery, provided no exceptions or clarification is needed when processing the order. Providing at least 24-hour notice allows the pharmacy to address any potential issues with the order.

How do I pay for my prescriptions?
Employees can pre-pay for prescriptions and FSA-eligible over-the-counter items with an FSA card or with a major credit card. Employees can also use payroll deduct for pharmacy purchases. Cash is not accepted and delivery personnel do not carry cash for security reasons.

Does McLaren Pharmacy deliver over the counter (OTC) medications for employees?
Yes, employees can add OTC medications to a prescription order. There is a $10 minimum for orders without a prescription.

Can employees utilize the worksite delivery program for family members also?
Yes. Prescriptions for family members can also be filled by the pharmacy and delivered to the employee utilizing this service.

Will McLaren Pharmacy be adding more locations in the future?
Yes. McLaren Pharmacy is adding locations on a regular basis. The worksite delivery locations and schedule are available on the McLaren Pharmacy website at Updates regarding sites to be added to the worksite delivery locations and schedule, as well as anticipated timeline, will be posted when available.