McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation Board Members

Dear Friends,

Elise Hayes

The McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation is governed by volunteer Trustees who call northern Michigan “home.” We are committed to ensuring that the funds raised by the Foundation further the McLaren Northern Michigan guiding principle: To provide healthcare as we expect for our own family.

Serving as Foundation Trustees, we have the privilege of seeing first-hand the incredible impact donor support makes on patients and their loved ones. The significance of each gift goes beyond a simple dollar value - it improves the lives of your neighbors, friends and family by ensuring that the care they need is available when they need it most.

We look forward to getting to know you and to matching your philanthropic investment with our funding priorities to ensure that McLaren Northern Michigan is here for you, your loved ones and our community.


Elise F. Hayes, Chair

Meet the 2017 McLaren Northern Michigan Foundation Board of Trustees and Advisory Council

Executive Committee

Elise F. Hayes, Chair
Robert (Ham) Schirmer, Vice Chair
Matthew J. Frentz, CPA
Miriam Hollar
Pamela L. Wyett
Jennifer Woods, Interim CEO

Board of Trustees

Elise F. Hayes, Chair
Robert (Ham) Schirmer, Vice Chair
Matthew J. Frentz, CPA, Treasurer
Miriam Hollar, Secretary
Robbie Buhl
Steven C. Cross
Arthur G. Hailand
Marilyn Kapp Moran
Patrick Leavy
Deborah K. Nachtrab
Julia M. Norcross
Robert (Ham) Schirmer
James Schroeder, PhD
Darcie Sharapova, MD
Tracy Souder
Pamela L. Wyett
Patrick J. Schulte, CFRE, Vice President & Chief Development Officer


Advisory Council

Patricia Anton
Michael Bacon, DO
Cindy Baiardi
Lawrence Beck
Robert Bleyaert
Ermy Bonfield
J. Steven Brown
Fay Buhl
David M. Corteville, MD
Murray A. Cotter, MD, PhD
David Crouse
Gay Cummings
Allen Damschroder, MD
H. Gunner Deery, MD
Stephen H. Eibling
Richard Hirrel
William Hofmann
Ann Irish
Frederick Koehler
William Meengs, MD
William Meengs, Jr.
Philip Millard
Thomas Moran
James S. Offield
Michael Pettibone
Borge Reimer
Philip T. Smith
Susanna Souder
Ann Stallkamp

Finance Committee

Matthew J. Frentz, CPA, Chair
Steven C. Cross
Elise F. Hayes
Marilyn Kapp Moran
Robert (Ham) Schirmer