Career FAQs

Q: How do I learn about job opportunities at McLaren Health Care?

A: By using this website, you can see the opportunities across the McLaren Health Care System. This website is updated when new opportunities are available or opportunities close.

Q: How do I search for jobs?

A: Click on the Careers tab. To search by job family, click the down arrow next to Job Family, select the job family, and click Find. To search by location, click the down arrow next to Location, select the location, and click Find. To search by category, click the down arrow next to Category, select the category, and click Find. To search by subsidiary, click the down arrow next to Subsidiary, select an individual subsidiary or All Subsidiaries for all positions available within McLaren Health Care, click Find.

Q: How do I apply?

A: You can express interest in a position by clicking on the position title. Scroll down and click on Apply Online. Enter your information and attach your resume.

Q: What happens to my resume after it is submitted?

A: Your resume is reviewed by Human Resources. If your resume meets the minimum qualifications for the position you submitted your resume for, it is forwarded to the hiring manager for review. If the manager desires to interview you, you will be asked to complete an Application for Employment prior to the interview being conducted.

Q: How can I expect to be contacted?

A: If you are selected for an interview, either the hiring manager or a Human Resources representative will contact you to set up a convenient time for this to occur.

Q: How long will my resume be kept on file?

A: Your resume will be kept on file for six months.

Q: Are there any tests required?

A: If the position you are applying for requires testing (typing, med term, data entry) you will be scheduled to complete these tests prior to an interview.