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Cheboygan Hospice House

What is Hospice House?

Hospice House is a comfortable home designed specifically for hospice patients. The House is staffed by compassionate professionals who are specially-trained in end-of-life care. It is a wonderful resource for working families and an ideal living situation for patients who live alone. Hospice care includes pain and symptom management to ensure high quality of life. In addition to the Hospice House staff, a specialized team of hospice nurses visit Hospice House daily, just as they visit the private homes of patients. The hospice team will also provide continuous care around the clock as necessary.

Our House Is Your House

Residents at Hospice House are active participants in their own care. Patients make decisions about their meals and their leisure time. The dignity and autonomy of every resident is of paramount concern to staff. Our goal at Hospice House is to create an environment as closely resembling a patient’s own home as possible. Family members and friends are encouraged to spend time at Hospice House and to be actively involved with their loved ones in the same ways they would interact at home.

Hospice House has eight private rooms.