Surgical Pathology

  1. Routine tissue biopsy specimens should be immediately placed in formalin fixative (obtain from the McLaren Norhtern Michigan Lab) in a tightly closed specimen container. Optimal fixation requires approximately a volume of fixative 10 times the volume of the specimen.
  2. Frozen Section, Surgical Pathology Consultation tissue specimens, and specimens for Lymphoma should be submitted without fixation, wrapped in saline moistened gauze, placed in a clean tightly closed container and immediately sent to the histology laboratory.
  3. A Pathology Specimen Requisition MUST accompany each tissue specimen. Instructions for submission of tissue are included on the back of the form.
  4. Specimen Identification - All specimens submitted to Surgical Pathology must have proper identification.

Complete identification and appropriate clinical data are required. Delays or specimen rejection can occur if required information is not included on the container and requisition slip.

Label the specimen container with:

  • Patient's name and birth date
  • Date of Service
  • Doctor's name
  • Specimen and Site (e.g. skin - right arm) or ID number from the requisition form

The Pathology Specimen Requisition must be filled out to include:

  • Patient's name and birth date
  • Date of Service
  • Medical record number
  • Doctor's name
  • Specimen and Site (e.g.. Skin - right arm)
  • Pre-op diagnosis
  • Post-op diagnosis
  • Pertinent Clinical History
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Code