Electronic Health Record (PowerChart)

PowerChart® Electronic Health Record

It's Private. It's Safe. It's Here.

Electronic Health Record:

  • Improves patient safety with one electronic hospital health record.
  • Increases patient privacy by further protecting health information.
  • Improves quality of care through enhanced patient interaction.

Welcome. Care providers at McLaren Northern Michigan are now able to access vital patient information in an electronic version of the traditional paper chart. This information is housed in a medical record called Cerner PowerChart®. It is just one of the new technologies that help our caregivers provide the very best healthcare to McLaren Northern Michigan patients and families.

Crucial patient information, medication schedules and dosages, allergy alerts, doctor notes, and more are now entered into an electronic hospital system. This system helps coordinate care among all healthcare providers. In addition, test results are available immediately upon completion which allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment.

At McLaren Northern Michigan, we're leading the region with advanced technology and innovative healthcare because... Expect the best.