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Ortho Joint Program

The McLaren Northern Michigan Joint Replacement Program offers an all-inclusive, planned course of treatment for individuals who undergo a total joint replacement with a strong focus on wellness, not sickness.

This comprehensive program focuses heavily on education and group support techniques for the joint replacement patient. This philosophy of care has been shown to increase patient satisfaction and safety, and return to daily activities is much quicker.

Joint Replacement Program at McLaren Northern Michigan

Building Better Bones
This program offers education and information on Osteoporosis. This education program is multidisciplinary. The healthcare professionals involved include a physician that provides an overview of osteoporosis. The physical therapist discusses the anatomy of the spine, correct posture, and fall prevention. The dietitian offers information on the food pyramid, and calcium recommendation. The social worker offers a brief counseling on the long-term effects of osteoporosis, and fractures. The registered nurse functions as the program coordinator. This education program is offered to the public four times a year. For more information, contact HealthAccess.

Total Joint Clinic
This program has been developed to inform patients who are having total hip or knee surgery of what to expect before, during and after their upcoming surgery. This program will inform them of what they can expect from the nursing staff, physicians and other support staff, as well as what is expected of the patient. The more the patient and their family know about the upcoming surgery, the better prepared the patient and their family will be.

Hip and Knee Pain: What Are My Options?
This program has been developed to offer education and information on osteoarthritis and how it can affect your health. The more you know about the disease of osteoarthritis, the better prepared you will be to live with it. Upon completion of this program you will be able to describe: what osteoarthritis is, recognize nonsurgical options for osteoarthritis, recognize when surgery is indicated and prepare for the next step - surgery. This program is offered throughout the year. For more information, contact HealthAccess.

Hip Fracture Comprehensive Educational Program
A comprehensive educational program is now offered upon admission for all patients that have fractured a hip. This program provides education to patients and caregivers regarding what to expect before and after hip surgery. Some of the components covered in this program include: types of hip fractures, preparing for surgery, surgical repair, post-operative care, and prevention.

The healthcare team has created a plan of care to be used during the hospital stay. Our goal is for the patient and their caregiver to partner with their doctors and other healthcare providers who will be part of the recovery process.

The more a patient and their caregiver know about hip fractures, the better prepared they will be to make an informed decision regarding their plan of care.

For more information about McLaren Northern Michigan Orthopedic Programs, please call 800.248.6777.