My McLaren Chart FAQs

What is My McLaren Chart?

My McLaren Chart is a secure online portal where patients can access their medical information and become a partner with us in managing their health. With My McLaren Chart, patients will be able to:

  • Access their medical information 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Review clinical summaries and care instructions about recent visits
  • Get lab and test results

Is there a cost to use My McLaren Chart?

No, My McLaren Chart is free.

How do I sign up for a My McLaren Chart account?

Provide your email at registration during your next visit to a McLaren hospital, physician office or outpatient facility. A secure invitation containing a link to complete registration to join My McLaren Chart will be emailed to you.

Why do I need to have a hospital, physician or outpatient service visit to create a My McLaren Chart account?

McLaren Health Care values patient privacy and an individual's right to securely access their medical information. As an enhanced security measure, we ask individuals to validate their identification in person during registration for their visit to ensure we are granting access to the correct person. In addition, no information can be transmitted to My McLaren Chart until a McLaren hospital, physician office, or outpatient service visit occurs.

What information is included in My McLaren Chart?

My McLaren Chart includes recent medical information from inpatient hospital stays, outpatient test results and physician office visits. Information that is automatically added includes lab and test results, clinical summaries and plans of care. In addition, you can enter your own information, such as medications and immunizations, to keep track of all of your medical information in one place.

Are all McLaren facilities and physicians in My McLaren Chart? What about independent physicians and facilities?

All McLaren hospitals, physician offices and most outpatient centers participate in My McLaren Chart. Other independent physician practices and facilities are invited to join My McLaren Chart at no cost. A physician and/or practice must choose to enroll in My McLaren Chart to connect with their patients through the portal.

How do I get technical help with a My McLaren Chart account?

For assistance with your My McLaren Chart account, please contact Change Healthcare Customer Support by email or call 1-866-735-2963. (Change Healthcare is McLaren's patient portal partner.)

For McLaren Greater Lansing My McLaren Chart new users as of December 18, 2018, call (877) 621-8014.

What if I see medical information in my account that needs to be updated?

Please contact your local McLaren hospital or physician office to request an update to your information. Below is a list of phone numbers for the department at each McLaren hospital that can help update your information:

  • McLaren Bay Region - (989) 894-3866
  • McLaren Central Michigan - (989) 772-6700
  • McLaren Flint - (810) 342-2000
  • McLaren Greater Lansing - (517) 975-6550; for information after December 18th - (877) 621-8014
  • McLaren Lapeer Region - (810) 667-5669
  • McLaren Macomb - (586) 493-3248
  • McLaren Northern Michigan - (231) 487-7751
  • McLaren Oakland- (248) 338-5697 or (248) 338-5289

Who do I contact if I have questions about test results or summaries?

Questions regarding test result interpretation and clinical summaries of care should be directed to your physician.

Can I sign up my spouse, child or another family member for My McLaren Chart?

Currently, only adult patients themselves can sign up for a My McLaren Chart account. In the near future, children, spouses and other dependents can be added to a My McLaren Chart, allowing you to keep track of your entire family's medical information in one secure location.