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Over the past decade, clinical trials have shifted from academic centers into community health care settings. Community health care settings provide a wider and diverse population.

McLaren Health Care is spread across the state of Michigan and has the ability to make new and innovative clinical trials available to the community it serves.

McLaren Health Care’s centralized clinical trials operation is called the McLaren Center for Research and Innovation.

The McLaren Center for Research and Innovation has a centralized clinical trial infrastructure which streamlines operations while maintaining efficiencies and conducting research in compliance with federal and state regulations. 

research and inovation


A comprehensive program providing integrated and innovative therapies to improve the health of the population through research.


To be a centrally recognized center of advanced patient centered research and care

The McLaren Center for Research and Innovation includes

  • Centralized Clinical Trials Office
  • Office of Research Protocol & Feasibility review
  • Office of Research Contracts & Budgets  
  • Office of Research Fund Management

Contact Information:
McLaren Center for Research and Innovation (248) 484-4960

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