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The Northern Health Connection


interviews with David Zechman, President and CEO
Archived interviews with David Zechman, President & CEO.

The Northern Health Connection is a 30-minute talk show that airs on Saturdays at 9 a.m. on WKMT, 1270 AM, 102.3FM radio. Tune in every week to learn more about McLaren Northern Michigan providers, programs and services.


Guest: Rochelle Whitmore
Topic: Acute Rehab


Guest: Daniel O’Donnell
Topic: Anesthesiology


Guest: Maureen Babrick
Topic: Breast Cancer


Guest: Louis Cannon
Topic: Cardiology


Guest: JD Talbott
Topic: Cardiothoracic


Topic: Cardiothoracic Surgery


David Corteville
Topic: Heart Disease


Jason Ricci
Topic: Heart Disease


Brent LaFaive
Topic: Home Health


Jon Sangeorzan
Topic: Infectious Disease


Topic: Managing Communicable Diseases


Guest: Moon Seagren


Guest: Steven Thomas
Topic: Plastic Surgery


Guest: Dwayne Griffin
Topic: Sleep Center


Guest: Brent LaFaive, RN
Topic: Home Health


Guest: Dr. John Sangeorzan
Topic: Travel Clinic - Infectious Diseases


Guest: Simon Milbrandt & Tanya Janes
Topic: Acuvein & Lab Outreach; Wellness Offerings


Guest: Moon Seagren
Topic: MNM Foundation


Guest: Dr. Kevin Gietzen
Topic: Balloon Sinusplasty


Guest: Laura Daniel & Michelle Schwartz
Topic: Adult Day Center


Guest: Laura Daniel
Topic: Hospice


Guest: Dr. Guy Golembiewski
Topic: Patient Portal


Guest: Barb Diefenbach & Marcia Shattuck
Topic: Lab Services


Guest: Dr. Michael Kuhn
Topic: Radiology


Guest: Deb Sauer-Mackenzie
Topic: Boulder Park Terrace


Guest: David Bellamy
Topic: Company Finances


Guest: Maribeth Hemstreet
Topic: Patient Relations


Guest: Toni Moriarty-Smith, RN
Topic: Critical Role of Nursing


Guest: Ervin Hire, MD
Topic: MNM Oncology Services


Guest: Jean Melton, RN & Tanya James
Topic: Local Services for Cancer Patients; Cancer Screenings


Guest: Thomas Boike, MD
Topic: Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Radiation Oncology