putting on bicycle helmet

Accidents and unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death among 1- to 17-year-old children in the United States. Additionally, more 5- to 14-year-old children visit the emergency room for bike related injuries than for any other sports related injury.

The McLaren Oakland Foundation supports the Safe Wheels and Heels program, which promotes bicycle safety among second graders in local schools. The goal of this program is to start safety education at a young age, so children can develop good bicycle safety habits - decreasing the risk of unnecessary emergency room visits. During this program, held in May, students are fitted with bike helmets and learn about bicycle safety, pedestrian safety, stranger danger and when and how to call 911. From the program’s start in 2008, the rate of bicycle related injuries seen in the emergency centers of McLaren Oakland has decreased by close to 40% among youth.