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Billing & Accurate Documentation

occupational therapy billing


We work exclusively with work related health issues allowing us to accept payments made by either the employer or the designated Workers Compensation Insurance Carrier. All pricing is according to the Michigan Workers Compensation fee schedule.

For your convenience Premier Occupational Health provides a comprehensive statement for treatment of each covered employee on a monthly basis. On all work related injuries, a copy of the patients visit notes are included with the statement as is required by the Bureau of Workers Compensation.

Accurate Documentation

occupation health worker

Accurate Documentation will begin by filling out and faxing or sending an Authorization for Services form with the patient to be treated. All initial visits are documented by a comprehensive report, dictated by the attending physician. This report, known as the Physician's First Report, can be an effective reference if questions arise concerning the case. Generally, we mail these reports but upon request may be faxed.

After each visit your employee will receive a detailed discharge form keeping you informed of the employee's work status and any scheduled follow up treatments.

Phone Number: (248) 628-3000
Fax Number: (248) 628-2781