Media Guidelines

Media Guidelines for McLaren Port Huron

Procedure for obtaining patient information

  • During business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday
    Marketing Main Line, (810) 989-3181
    Director of Marketing, (810) 989-3523
  • Nights and weekends, when inquiring about a patient's condition
    Call (810) 987-5000 and ask for the administrative charge nurse.

All other media requests: Page (810) 340-3772

Patient conditions are available to the media only when the requestor presents the patient's first and last names.

The following are the definitions of the conditions we will provide:

  • Good: Excellent or good prognosis; patient is conscious; vital signs are stable and within normal limits; patient is comfortable.
  • Fair: Favorable prognosis; patient is conscious; vital signs are stable and within normal limits; minor complications and/or uncomfortable.
  • Serious: Acutely ill with questionable prognosis; vital signs may be unstable and or not within normal limits; a chance for improved prognosis.
  • Critical: Questionable prognosis; vital signs are unstable and/or not within normal limits; major complications; death may be imminent.
  • Undetermined: Condition assessment has not yet been determined.

No information about the patient's injuries or the patient's location within the hospital (such as Surgery, floor and room location, Mental Health) will be released.

McLaren Port Huron is bound by many patient privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures. There are situations in which we will be unable to provide you with any information:

  • It is against Michigan state law for hospitals to acknowledge patients who are under psychiatric or substance abuse care. In this instance, we are not allowed to even confirm that this person is in the hospital.
  • Patients may request a "Do not publish" status. In this instance, we are not allowed to confirm that this person is a patient and may not release any information about this patient.
  • The family may request that no information be released about a patient. In this instance, we will tell you that the family has made such a request.
  • We are prohibited from releasing any information about a patient who is deceased without the family's permission.

We will make every effort to supply you with the information you need within your deadlines. However, our first responsibility is to our patients and their families; we must adhere to their wishes and requests.

Procedure for all other requests

Call the media pager at (810) 340-3772. If unable to reach during normal business hours, call the Marketing Main Line at (810) 989-3181, or the Director of Marketing at (810) 989-3523. We will be happy to supply you with information or connect you with expert resources on a number of topics and issues including McLaren Port Huron and its healthcare partners; healthcare in general; specific healthcare topics such as wellness, nutrition, illnesses such as cancer, lung and heart disease; women's and children's issues .

There may be emergency situations when you need information on deadline outside of our normal business hours. Please call the media pager at (810) 340-3772 . If unable to reach the media contact, call the administrative charge nurse at 810.987.5000 and ask for assistance in reaching the media contact. We make every effort to have someone available, but there may be times when you are unable to reach someone immediately. Please be sure to leave a voice mail message with the Public Relations/Marketing office and to follow the paging procedure, so that if you don't connect with us personally, we can get back to you as soon as we receive your message.

When you visit McLaren Port Huron:

We ask that you be accompanied by a hospital representative when you are in the hospital or one of the other healthcare centers on business. This might be a public relations representative, the person you are interviewing or a member of our Security staff. Please call Public Relations/Marketing to make arrangements for photos or interviews. Also, if you have an interview or photo session scheduled in the hospital, please make sure that the hospital Public Relations Department is aware of it and has obtained the necessary approvals.

If you want to cover a weekend or evening event (such as the Children's Fun and Fitness Festival or a wellness program), please make arrangements with Public Relations during the week and they will notify those responsible for the event that you will be there. They will also notify Security that you are planning to be in the building. When you have evening or weekend business in the building, we ask that you check in with the Security desk at the Emergency Center entrance when you arrive. Members of the media are now asked to wear a McLaren Port Huron media identification badge when in the hospital on business. You will be assigned a badge by Public Relations or Security when you check in. Please return the badge when you leave the building. <

Our primary concern is for our patients and staff. If you have not made the necessary arrangements prior to entering the hospital for an interview or photos, Security may escort you out of the building.