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Bariatric Center of Michigan at McLaren Port Huron

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Bariatric Center of Michigan at McLaren Port Huron 1221 Pine Grove Avenue
Port Huron, MI 48060
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About Us

McLaren Port Huron offers four laparoscopic bariatric surgery procedures: sleeve gastrectomy, roux-en-y gastric bypass, gastric banding and intragastric balloon.

You Have a Choice about Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery - surgical and non-surgical weight loss options.

The decision to have bariatric surgery may be a difficult one to make. McLaren Port Huron understands and wants to help in the decision-making process.

Bariatric Surgery and Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedures

Laparoscopic surgery is a form of "minimally invasive" surgery. Instead of making the large incision needed for an open procedure, the surgeon performs the surgery by making several small incisions in the abdomen. The surgeon uses a small fiber optic camera and specialized instruments that are inserted through these tiny incisions. As a result, patients generally have less pain than with an open procedure and there is a shorter recovery period. All three bariatric procedures are performed laparoscopically.

The McLaren Port Huron Bariatric Center of Michigan is Accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and designated as an Aetna Institute of Quality® Bariatric Surgery Facility

Adjustable gastric banding weight loss surgery has been performed at McLaren Port Huron since March, 2002. The Port Huron Hospital LAP-BAND® Center of Michigan was the first comprehensive weight loss surgery center dedicated exclusively to LAP-BAND® surgery in the state of Michigan.

Seminar Dates and Times

If you are interested in bariatric surgery, the first step is to register for one of the bariatric surgery informational seminars. The seminars are free - there is no cost to attend and attendees are able to ask questions and to meet the physicians who perform the procedures. The seminars are about one hour long and attendance is a requirement for surgery. 

Bariatric Surgery Services Informational Seminar
Monday, August 27, 2018
3rd Floor Wismer Classroom- McLaren Port Huron 1221 Pine Grove Ave Port Huron, MI 48060
Health Access at 1-800-228-1484 or locally at 810-989-3199
Bariatric Surgery Services Informational Seminar
Monday, September 10, 2018
3rd Floor Wismer Classroom- McLaren Port Huron 1221 Pine Grove Ave Port Huron, MI 48060
Health Access at 1-800-228-1484 or locally at 810-989-3199
Bariatric Surgery Services Informational Seminar
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
3rd Floor Wismer Classroom- McLaren Port Huron 1221 Pine Grove Ave Port Huron, MI 48060
Health Access at 1-800-228-1484 or locally at 810-989-3199
Bariatric Surgery Services Informational Seminar
Saturday, September 15, 2018
3rd Floor Wismer Classroom- McLaren Port Huron 1221 Pine Grove Ave Port Huron, MI 48060
Health Access at 1-800-228-1484 or locally at 810-989-3199
Bariatric Surgery Services Informational Seminar
Monday, September 24, 2018
3rd Floor Wismer Classroom- McLaren Port Huron 1221 Pine Grove Ave Port Huron, MI 48060
Health Access at 1-800-228-1484 or locally at 810-989-3199

Seminar Purpose: To learn about the surgical weight loss options from the bariatric surgeons who perform the procedures at McLaren Port Huron. Seminar content will vary by presenter. You must register in advance for the seminars. You may register online or by contacting HealthAccess.

McLaren Port Huron HealthAccess
Email HealthAccess
1(800) 228-1484 (Michigan Callers)
1(810) 989-3199

Patient Contact Information:
McLaren Port Huron
Bariatric Center of Michigan
Wismer 3rd Floor Clinic
1221 Pine Grove Avenue
Port Huron, MI 48060
(810) 989-3328

Meet Our Providers


Bhesania, MD

Specialty: Surgery - Bariatric, Surgery - General
Sub Specialty: Bariatric Surgery, da Vinci® robotic assisted gall bladder surgery, robotic hernia repair, Laparoscopic Surgery, Reflux Surgery, Lap-Band® Surgical Procedure, intragastric balloon procedure for weight loss, Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery


Anthony W.
Boutt, MD

Specialty: Surgery - Bariatric, Surgery - Breast, Surgery - Colon & Rectal, Surgery - General
Sub Specialty: Laparoscopic Surgery, da Vinci Robotic Assisted Surgery


McFarlane, MD

Specialty: Surgery - Bariatric, Surgery - Colon & Rectal, Surgery - General
Sub Specialty: Panniculectomy procedures, LAP-BAND® Surgery procedures, Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass procedures, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, robotic surgery, bariatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic weight loss surgery


July, 2015

“I have been overweight my entire life. Ten years ago I looked into surgery but didn’t qualify. My doctor suggested Medical Weight Loss. I was successful and lost 70 pounds. Then I got pregnant and gained weight.”

A Port Huron resident, Rebecca is 36 years old. She and her husband, Scott, have four children, all boys. They range in age from eight to 15 years old and are involved in a number of activities including running and the marching band.

Overweight most of her life, she suffered from migraine headaches, ankle problems, borderline diabetes and high blood pressure.

March 2012

“I felt comfortable with Dr. McFarlane being a woman. I thought she could understand my struggle.”

Rebecca - Before Bariatric Surgery

Thinking about surgery again and seeing billboards for the Bariatric Center of Michigan at McLaren Port Huron, Rebecca attended an informational seminar led by Dr. Karen McFarlane. She liked the fact that Dr. McFarlane performs both of the surgeries she was researching. She found the seminar to be very encouraging.

After deciding to have gastric bypass surgery, she found that her insurance company would cover the surgery but there would be a six month wait. During the six months she continued to compare bypass surgery with the gastric sleeve surgery. She had concerns about mal-absorption with the bypass. In July, she changed her mind and decided to go with the gastric sleeve surgery. Her surgery was scheduled for September 10.

September 2012

“I sweat a lot and I was looking forward to less of that. I looking forward to feeling full and no longer craving food.”

Rebecca was ready for her surgery on September 10. Her goal was to lose at least 80 to 90 pounds and she was anxious to start her journey. She was looking forward to outdoor “stuff” – running with two of her boys who are in cross country, swimming and hiking. 

November 2012

Rebecca 2 months post-op.
2 months post-op

“I can now tie my shoes without my holding breath. I can bend over to tie them and I don’t have to get down on the floor. I’m down three sizes and fitting into clothes from the bottom drawer that haven’t fit for a long time.”

Down 30 pounds, a third of her weight loss goal, the changes in Rebecca are definitely noticeable and she is getting a lot of compliments.

At school she finds that people are more willing to talk with her and be social during breaks. She isn’t afraid to sit down with others now and feels like others take her thoughts and comments more seriously. She is making more friends. She has a lot more energy and finds it easier to concentrate on the work, rather than being worried or concerned with when the next break is coming.

Sometimes she feels like she is dragging, but it’s usually when she hasn’t eaten enough protein. She makes adjustments within her eating plan to accommodate more protein.

She is doing much more with her kids. Instead of standing at the start/finish line, she walks the cross country course to cheer on her boys. Her kids are taking her example and are becoming more active too.

Feeling like a teenager again, at Halloween she dressed up and walked house to house with the kids instead of staying in the van while the kids got out.

She is finding that her body adjusts very quickly to exercise routines, so she changes things up regularly. Right after surgery, she went to Meijer every morning and walked the perimeter of the store two to three times. Once that stopped being beneficial, she started a dance routine. She switches between dance and rigorous walking every two weeks.

She is right on track with her weight loss, but really thought she would excel quicker. She’s finding her weight plateaus quickly and she has to keep adjusting. 

May 2013

“I can’t believe I participated in my first 5K! That is just the beginning. I walked most of that one, but my goal is to run the entire distance before the end of summer!”

Rebecca is down 64 pounds and now weighs 149 pounds. She still has 20 to 30 pounds to go to get to her goal weight. Her weight loss has slowed in the last few months. But, she expected it to happen. As she gets closer to her goal the pounds come off much more slowly.

She is excited to shop again. She started her journey in a size 20. She is happy to report to now be in a size 10!

She started running very short distances. She participated in her first 5K, walking most of it with small spurts of running. After talking to a nutritionist, she realized her workouts were only cardiovascular focused, she needed to add in weight training for muscle development. She doesn’t want to look like a body builder, but knows that some muscle mass is good. She has introduced pull-ups and abdominal work into her routines. Each morning she does a yoga stretching routine. She is continuing with the dance exercise videos and loves them! She is considering a membership to a local gym that has a pool. She is interested in starting to swim laps to again change things up. 

Rebecca 9 months post-op
9 months post-op

June 2013

“When we go out to eat, I now order off the appetizer menu. It is more than enough food. I allow myself one bite of the entire meal, then I pick it apart and avoid the carbs and bad foods. I’m learning to pick and choose, but not deny myself a taste. Really, it’s all a learning process.”

She is down 72 pounds and the end of the weight loss journey is nearing. Once she gets to her goal weight, she will work on maintenance to avoid gaining extra pounds.

Not only is Rebecca running between the activities of her four kids, she is also earning her Bachelors of Accounting degree. It’s finals time and it can be stressful. She used to be a stress eater – not anymore! She simply doesn’t have the urge to eat like that anymore. Her desire for sugar has changed, she rarely craves it.

Part of her success is due to always being prepared. Due to her smaller stomach size, she has to eat smaller meals more frequently. When busy, it can be hard to prepare all these meals, and fast food isn’t an option anymore. She always has a fiber bar with her, just in case she gets hungry. She typically eats about a cup of food at a time and tries to focus on vegetables and protein – the good stuff!

As she looks back at photos during her weight loss journey, she sees the weight loss initially in her face. It did take awhile to see everywhere else. She is preparing for her goal weight, and the surgery that she will need to remove the excess skin. She is excited that her waist now measures 31”; her hips are now 39”. At the start of her journey, her hips measured 50”.

August 2013

Now at 133 pounds, Rebecca is very close to her goal weight. She has been an inspiration mother, who decided have the gastric sleeve procedure as well.

Rebecca 22 months post-op
22 months post-op

July 2014

“I’m now a size 4 and I feel fantastic!”

Rebecca is at her goal weight of 125 pounds! She has talked with her doctor about possible excess skin removal surgery. After losing almost 90 pounds, there isn’t a lot that she can do to tighten the excess skin.

She has continued to provide her YouTube followers updates on her success. She has had great feedback and positive comments from followers as well as friends and family who see a more confident and happy Rebecca.

Even more than losing the weight, Rebecca has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting degree…with honors! This is an amazing accomplishment for anyone, but, for a mom of four young, very active boys, as well as working and continuing her weight loss and exercise routine, this is unbelievable.

At a size 4, Rebecca now loves to shop. A task that was at one time, more expensive and sometimes depressing because the clothes she wanted to wear, didn’t fit the way she wanted them to. Because she is now a smaller size, she can shop anywhere and usually the clearance racks.

When eating out, she cuts her entrée and eats about one-quarter and takes the rest home. She really enjoys eating out with her mom (who also had gastric sleeve surgery about 15 months after Rebecca). Together they order one meal, split it and still take some home!

This summer, the family is planning on going to Cedar Pointe. She never would have consider going on the rides before surgery. She has completed running a full 5K – her time isn’t what she wants, but she’s doing it! She continues to encourage her entire family to stay active, from swimming at grandma’s to walking to the park – they do it as a family.

Rebecca’s family is so proud of her success. Her son Brendan said “mom, I’m proud of you; you’ve come really far”.

June, 2017

Barb and Melissa, a mother and daughter team, credit McLaren Port Huron's Bariatric Surgery program and their surgeon with helping them lose weight and gain relief from serious health conditions.

They struggled with their weight for many years. Melissa, in her early 30's and a diabetic taking 6 injections a day, woke up with diabetic neuropathy - nerve pain and numbness in her feet. She decided she needed to do something as soon as possible and started asking around for information about bariatric surgery programs. She heard from several people that McLaren Port Huron has a program worth looking into.

Melissa's mother, Barb, went with Melissa to the McLaren Port Huron bariatric informational seminar, more from a support perspective. She too had serious health conditions related to her obesity - high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol and diabetes. She had struggled with weight loss for years - first gaining and then losing several pounds, she states that before bariatric surgery, she had probably lost the weight of 5 people over her lifetime but until now couldn't keep the weight off. While at the seminar, she and Melissa heard about the benefits and surgical options for weight loss from a bariatric surgeon. After attending the seminar, they both determined that bariatric surgery was right for them.

Since having surgery, Melissa, starting her journey at 316 pounds has lost over 100 pounds and Barb has lost more than 140 pounds. Both are continuing to lose weight to reach their personal goals.


"From having bariatric surgery, I've been able to really live - my diabetes is gone. I wake up with energy. I used to have really stiff joints - shoulders and knees - everything was hurting." Melissa shared.


According to Barb, "Before my bariatric surgery I was gaining and losing weight my whole life and I had major health issues. Since bariatric surgery, my health has improved dramatically. I had high blood pressure, I had cholesterol issues. I was on a c-pap machine, I found out I was diabetic and now everything is perfect. I've lost over 140 pounds. I can get up and be more active now - and do everything someone who is a smaller size can do."


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