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Being with My Levi's Link Patient in the Recovery Room - Levi's Link

  1. What is the Recovery Room?
    • The Recovery Room is one big room where the patient will wake up from surgery. Sometimes we bring parents/guardians to the Recovery Room to be with their loved one.
  2. What will I see?
    • These are some things you may see:

      • Wires connected from the patient to a monitor
      • A breathing tube may be in the patient’s mouth
      • An oxygen mask may be on the patient’s face
      • A nurse will be taking care of the patient
      • An IV tube may be in the patient’s arm or leg
      • The nurse may use a tube to suction the patient’s mouth
  3. What will I hear?
    • Beeping from monitors
    • Other patients crying as they wake up
    • Nurses and doctors taking care of other patients
  4. How will my loved one wake up?
    • Every patient is different. The patient may still be very sleepy. The patient’s eyes may move in different directions before waking up all the way. Some wake up fussy or crying.

  5. How can I help my loved one?
    • Comfort and speak calmly to them
    • Give them your full attention
    • Tell the nurse what is normal behavior for the patient
    • Your nurse can give medicine as ordered by the doctor.
  6. Where can I go once I’m in the Recovery Room?
    • We need you to stay right by the patient's side, behind the curtain. We respect the privacy of every patient. Ask your nurse if you have a need. Your nurse will help you when it is time to leave with the patient.

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