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Preparing for Surgery

Patient Guidelines for Surgery

We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible before undergoing surgery at McLaren St. Luke's. Knowing the ins and outs of what to expect before and after surgery is very important.

Doing What's Best in Surgical Services

The new and improved SurgiCare outpatient surgical center at McLaren St. Luke’s was recently renovated to offer plush new furnishings and redecorated for a more calming environment. As part of the $4.2 million project, the following state-of-the-art surgical equipment and technology were purchased:

  • Steris OR integration system – Allows for advanced imaging tools and improved workflow
  • New Stryker equipment towers – The latest technology offering 4K imaging for arthroscopic and laparoscopic procedures
  • All new sterilizers for efficient instrument sterilizing
  • Cerner electronic medical record

SurgiCare has four ORs and two procedure rooms for performing the following surgical procedures:

  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Colon
  • Urology
  • Pain
  • Ophthalmic
  • Orthopedics

Robotic-assisted surgical technology will be offered in the future to expand robotic-assisted surgeries.

SurgiCare Exterior McLaren St. Luke's SurgiCare Patient Registration McLaren St. Luke's SurgiCare Lounge McLaren St. Luke's SurgiCare Operating Room McLaren St. Luke's SurgiCare PACU

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Preparing For Your Surgery

Prior to your surgery

We will call you before the scheduled surgery to review important preoperative instructions, obtain insurance information, and answer questions. If you have additional questions, please call (419) 891-8040.

If there is a change in your health before surgery, notify your surgeon or McLaren St. Luke’s SurgiCare immediately. This may include cold or flu symptoms, exposure to a communicable disease, coughing up yellow or green phlegm, fever, skin rash, an infection or any other changes.

Bring your insurance identification card(s) and photo I.D. You should be prepared to pay any co-pay, deductible and co-insurance on the day of surgery. We accept cash, checks, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

Be sure to arrive at your scheduled arrival time. This allows time for preoperative assessment and preparation. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and leave all jewelry at home.

If you are only having a local anesthetic, you may eat a light breakfast after first checking with your surgeon. Follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding medications you can take the day of the surgery. Some surgeons require you to stop taking blood thinners, aspirin, ibuprofen, herbs and vitamins several days before surgery.

General Anesthesia or Receiving Sedation

Please read the following instructions carefully: You must have a responsible adult drive you to and from McLaren St. Luke’s SurgiCare and remain inside our facility the entire time of your stay. If a responsible driver is not present with you on the day of surgery, your case will be cancelled. You will not be allowed to use public transportation such as a taxi or bus. *Remember, your driver or escort needs to remain in the building the entire time you are in surgery.

A responsible party should stay with you for the first 24-hours after surgery since your thinking ability and memory may be impaired.

Due to anesthesia and medications slowing your reflexes and possibly making you feel drowsy, you will not be allowed to drive a car, operate complicated machinery (lawn mowers, power tools), cook on a stove, consume alcohol, make important decisions– including going to work or sign legal documents–for 24-hours following surgery.

Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery. This includes hard candy, breath mints, gum and chewing tobacco. Do not drink alcohol or use any type of street drugs the night before surgery. Do not smoke 24–48 hours prior to surgery.

Take a shower or bath the morning of surgery to reduce the chance of infection. You may brush your teeth the morning of surgery, but do not swallow any water. Do not wear make-up, hairspray, lotions, perfumes or dark fingernail polish.

Wear baggy pants for surgeries involving leg/foot and large shirts that button down the front for shoulder surgeries. Tongue rings and other piercings must be removed. If you wear glasses or hearing aids, bring your case for storage. Do not wear contact lenses.

If there is a possibility that you are pregnant, discuss this with your surgeon prior to coming to McLaren St. Luke’s SurgiCare. Women of childbearing age who have not undergone a hysterectomy will need to give a urine specimen to the preoperative area.

If you have any communication barriers, such as non-English speaking, hard of hearing or deafness, bring an interpreter with you.

If instructed by your surgeon or during the preoperative phone call to take your morning medications, do so with only a sip of water.

Instructions for Children Undergoing Anesthesia/Sedation

Please read the following instructions carefully: Bring your child’s favorite toy, blanket, pacifier or any other comfort items. We recommend clear liquids initially in the recovery room, a bottle of juice for infants or toddlers is recommended.

Infants and children follow a different time schedule as to when they need to stop drinking. This will be discussed in the preoperative interview by the SurgiCare preadmission nurse.

Going Home

Please read the following instructions carefully: When it is time for you to be discharged, verbal and written instructions will be provided for your postoperative care. Follow specific instructions provided by the doctor regarding diet, exercise and resuming medications. Contact your doctor’s office to schedule your follow-up appointment.

After leaving McLaren St. Luke’s SurgiCare, plan on going home and resting for the remainder of the day. It is normal to feel sleepy and dizzy after receiving sedation or anesthesia. Your body needs time to recover from the stress of surgery and the medications you received.

The following business day a nurse will call you at home to check on your progress and answer any questions. We hope you will be pleased with the service you receive, and that you will have a quick and complete recovery. In the meantime, if you have any questions about your progress, call your doctor or McLaren St. Luke’s SurgiCare at 419-891-8040.

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