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Birth Center

At McLaren Thumb Region you are part of a special tradition of family-centered maternity care that has been trusted for generations. From prenatal classes, to the time you and your baby return home, skilled physicians and childbirth specialists at the Family BirthPlace strive to provide a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment, ensuring a first-class experience for you and your family.

Birthing Center at McLaren Thumb Region

McLaren Thumb Region offers classes in:

  • Childbirth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby Care
  • Postpartum Period
  • CPR for Infants & Adults
  • Diabetes Support

Unit Tours

We recommend that you call and schedule a tour of our facilities at least one month before you are scheduled to deliver. This chance to meet our staff, see our facilities, and for us to answer your questions will help you be more relaxed as you anticipate labor and delivery.


Our goal is to work with you to assure the safest and most comfortable birth possible. We have combined labor/delivery/recovery rooms equipped to meet the differing needs of OB patients. A variety of options for pain relief are available. We encourage your family and friends to be with you as you feel appropriate; however, there may be times we cannot accommodate everyone.

After Delivery

McLaren Thumb Region's obstetrics area and nursery have been set up to meet the individual needs of parents and new babies. Parents are encouraged to interact with their newborns as much as possible. Mothers can elect to keep their babies in their rooms while taking advantage of the trained nursing staff available to provide assistance on a 24-hour basis or to get a little extra rest or recovery by leaving baby in the nursery under the staff's capable care