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Emergency Services

Emergency Department physicians, nurses, technicians and support staff provide around-the-clock coverage and emergent treatment. Our dedicated team is prepared to care for both minor and severe injuries and illnesses as quickly as possible.

Emergency Care at McLaren Thumb Region

When disaster strikes, it's important to know that McLaren Thumb Region's Emergency Services are available to you 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Dialing (989) 269-8933 ext. 4540 puts you in touch with our Emergency Department instantly. The Emergency Department at McLaren Thumb Region provides professional and compassionate service from minor to life-threatening conditions.

The medical center has a fully equipped Emergency Department, which is staffed 24 hours daily by a physician specially trained in Emergency Medicine and experienced emergency room staff certified in trauma and advanced adult and pediatric life support to meet the demands of all types of patients.

Our Emergency Department includes:

  • 8 Private Treatment Rooms
  • 1 Trauma Bay
  • 1 Observation Bay
  • Cast Room
  • Decontamination Room
  • Electronic Medical Record and Patient Tracking
  • Physicians Specially Trained in Emergency Medicine

What to Expect

A trip to the Emergency Department can be confusing and even frightening - especially if it's the first time. Here is some information about McLaren Thumb Region's Emergency Department.

Upon arrival, you will be seen by a triage nurse who will assess your condition and determine the level of care you will likely need. Patients who have a critical or life-threatening illness or injury are treated immediately.

We attempt to see every patient as quickly as we can. We do not care for patients on a "first come, first served" basis.  Patients who arrive after you may be taken in from the waiting room before you based on the severity of their illness.

If, during your visit, you feel that your complaint has worsened, please see the triage nurse.