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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can I pay my hospital and physician office bills online?

A.  Yes, however the process is a little different for each.  Payment of hospital bills will allow you to create an online ID to store your payment information, view balances, create payment arrangements according to HMC policy and view past payments, if you choose.  OR you can make a one time payment without an online ID.  Physician office bills can only be made via one time payment at this time.

To create an online ID for hospital bills select “Create Account” on the payment page. 

To make a one time payment or to pay physician office bills select “Continue as Guest” on the payment page. 

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Q.  Do I have to create an online ID to pay my bill?

A.  No, you can choose a one time payment (Continue as Guest) for your hospital or physician office bill.  Your payment information will not be stored.

Q.  How do I find my account number on my statement?

A.  Click below for statement examples.  These examples are also available during the payment process.  If you have questions please contact billing at 989-269-1505.

Example Hospital Statement –

Example Physician Office Statement 1 -                                                  

Example Physician Office Statement 2 -

Q.  Why can’t I view my balance information or make payment arrangements for my physician office visits like I can my hospital bills when I create an online ID?

A.  Unfortunately, due to separate accounting systems we are unable to offer this functionality at this time however we are working towards the goal of having the same functionality for all payments in the near future.

Q.  Why can’t I decrease the dollar amount I want to pay for my hospital payment plan?

A.  Payment plans must meet a maximum number of payment terms.  The maximum number of payments available for your balance is set in the background.  You can shorten the number of payments by increasing your monthly payment desired but you cannot decrease the monthly payment amount.  If you have questions please call a financial counselor at 989-269-1505.

Q.  For hospital accounts, what are the payment terms?


$0 - $150 – Pay within 30 days.  Payment plans are not available for balances less than $150.00.

$150.01 - $300     3 months max

$300.01 - $1000   6 months max

$1000.01 - $2000 12 months max

$2000.01 - $3500 18 months max

$3500.01 - $5000 24 months max

Over $5000 please contact a financial counselor at 989-269-1505 to make arrangements.

Q.  What if I already have payment arrangements on past accounts with the hospital?

A.  You can now make your monthly payment online if you wish.  If you have an online ID you can select the account you are making payment on and fill in your payment method.  Or, if you know your account number you can make a one time payment as well.

Q.  I tried to set up a payment plan and it lumped all of my balances together.  I only want to make payment arrangements on one account.  How do I do this?

A.  You will need to make payment on any balances that you wish to pay in full first.  You will then be able to make payment arrangements on the remaining account(s).  If you have payment arrangements on old accounts and want new payment arrangements for all accounts please contact a financial counselor at 989-269-1505 to assist you.

Q.  I have multiple accounts on a payment plan but my balance is only being applied to one account.  Is this correct?

A.  Yes, when multiple accounts are under one payment plan the payment will be applied to the oldest account first until the balance on all accounts has been satisfied.

Q.  I have an online login and noticed that the balance on my statement is different than what is showing on line.  Why is this?

A.  By time you receive a statement in the mail it could have crossed with a payment or other account adjustments.  The balance showing online will be the most current.

Q.  How long before my payment is reflected on my account?

A.  Please allow 48 – 72 hours for account balances to be updated.

Q.  I forgot my password.  What do I do?

A.  Call 989-269-8933

Q.  I have a login ID to view my hospital balances and noticed that my balance increased/decreased but I didn’t make a payment or anything.  What happened?

A.  There may have been adjustments to your account based on insurance payment, changes to charges on your account or other adjustments.  Please contact the billing department for details at 989-269-1505.

Q.  I have questions about my account.  Who do I call?

A.  Please call 989-269-1505 and select the appropriate option.