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About McLaren Central Michigan Fund Development

Built in 1943, McLaren Central Michigan is a 118-bed acute care hospital. A community-based, locally governed organization, McLaren Central Michigan is committed to the health and wellness of the residents of central Michigan. The hospital was originally established through the dedication of local physicians and patrons who worked hard to raise money in a challenge from the Commonwealth Fund, a foundation which helped communities establish hospitals. Financial support in the '50s, '60s and '70s helped expand McLaren Central Michigan to meet the growing needs of Isabella County residents.

Over the years McLaren Central Michigan has continued to expand its services to the community. Philanthropy has allowed for additions and renovations that help provide patients and families with quality and compassionate care close to home.

You Can Help

For nearly 70 years, McLaren Central Michigan has benefited from the support of individuals, families and businesses who know they can make a difference by investing in their community hospital. You can join these generous individuals by making a contribution to McLaren Central Michigan Hospital at any time.

There are many opportunities to give, and every gift counts. Listed here are many Ways to Give. Gifts made to the Hospital are tax deductible and qualify for cumulative giving recognition. Cash, check or credit card contributions are always accepted.