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For McLaren Physician Partners to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of access to communications and delivery of clinically pertinent information, we are updating our website to incorporate access to clinical education with individual logins for providers. This, in turn, will allow for claiming Continuing Medical Education Credits (CME) after participating in the Clinical Integration (CI) Education Series, as permitted. Using this digital strategy, it will allow for providers to access and complete education around their busy schedules and claim their CME Credits immediately afterwards.

In order to access the CI Education Series, click on the “Log-In” tab on the main page and enter your username and password. Alternatively, you can click on the video of choice, watch the educational material, and enter your credentials afterward. Providers are responsible for managing their own passwords.

The most up to date Newsflashes will also be available for viewing on the website as well as sent electronically to your preferred email address.