McLaren Flint's Community Connections-Healing Through Art

Author: McLaren Flint

We want to share a few of the ways McLaren Flint leadership, physicians, medical residents and fellows, and clinical and support staff are sharing their knowledge and skills to promote better health and well-being throughout Flint and Genesee County. These community connections come from a desire to make a difference in the health of all residents, no matter their age. Our Vision: McLaren Flint will be the recognized leader and preferred provider of primary and specialty healthcare services to the communities of mid-Michigan. This week we introduce you to……


Healing Through Art This free program is available through the Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Flint. It is dedicated to addressing health and wellness for families within the Greater Flint cancer community (which is a vulnerable population) through the creative outlet of art therapy, which also includes suicide/crisis prevention and crisis stabilization. What is unique about Healing Through Art is that it is a free resource to anyone in the Genesee County community who has been affected by cancer, whether they or someone they care for have cancer, and regardless of where they receive medical treatment. Art therapy provides a creative outlet for families touched by cancer to help process complex emotions and trauma associated with a diagnosis. We believe that providing therapeutic tools to our patients before they hit a mental crisis, is key to preventative care and supporting their overall wellness. The program is overseen by a registered art therapist. For more information visit