McLaren Health Care
For Vendors

Vendor Information

McLaren Health Care would like to welcome you as a new vendor with our facility. McLaren Health Care will be the best value in health care as defined by quality outcomes and cost.

Standards of Conduct

Vendor review is recommended unless contractually required.

Business Associate Information

Vendors who have a Business Associate Agreement with McLaren may find these documents and forms helpful.

Vendor/Contractor Education

Vendor review is required if review is not already required under the PremierPro vendor management system.

Vendor Access & Confidentiality

Agreement is required for all vendors requesting access to McLaren computer systems.

PremierPro Security Services

Outlines McLaren’s Vendor Management System and related vendor policy.

PremierPro Security Services logo

McLaren Health Care has partnered with PremierPro Security Services for vendor credentialing. ALL vendor sales reps requiring access to a McLaren Health Care facility must be registered and obtain a badge from PremierPro Security Services Credentialing System. This process is effective February 1, 2019.

PremierPro Security Services will provide the background screening and credentialing service for all McLaren Health Care vendor sales representatives. PremierPro Security Services will also provide smart phone badges and hard badges that can be tracked through PremierPro Security Services’ technology utilizing the QR scanning and tracking service.

Register: Visit our PremierPro Security Services registration page,

Upon arriving at a McLaren Health Facility, you will need to scan your hard badge at one of the check-in locations. Please note that if you do not have an approved PremierPro Security Services badge and a pre-approved appointment, you will NOT be granted access to any of the McLaren buildings after February 1, 2019.

If you currently have a McLaren issued badge, please return it to the McLaren Supply Chain Site Manager at your main facility immediately.